Bitcoin Rush

As ever there are countless new Bitcoin Rush sites emerging every day. The latest version is of exactly the same structure as most of the boiler room scam websites = Another Bitcoin Rush website... As ever there a


Bitcoin Rush = Another Bitcoin Rush website...

As ever there are countless new Bitcoin Rush sites emerging every day. The latest version is of exactly the same structure as most of the boiler room scam websites, so let's go through all of the elements.

Feature One: The countdown.

No scam website is complete without the countdown until the current deal expires. This is a very common tactic used by con-artists the world over, and it is essentially a way of using doubt and uncertainty to force you to act, rather than to hesitate.

If you are uncertain about something and have all the time in the world to act, then you will shirk away from the commitment and pass by the opportunity, be it good or bad.

If, however you only have a limited time to decide, then you will more likely than not jump onboard an opportunity simply because your desire to imagine the worst has been upturned, and you are now imagining missing out rather than being stuck in an opportunity, and this is the first thing we see on the Bitcoin Rush site at

So if you're thinking about signing up, let us know so that we can delay the timer so that you don't have to rush your decision. THAT WAS A JOKE!!!

Feature Two: The Title

The Bitcoin Rush site now has an improved title so as to sound as up-to-date as possible to both readers and search engines. The title is now: "Bitcoin Rush ™ - The Official App WebSite 2022 [UPDATED]" and so it is an updated version of the 2022 site, even though it is actually not related to any of the other Bitcoin Rush sites, it is really in competition with them.

This title (which is very similar across all of the Bitcoin Rush sites) is a tactic that appears to work as everyone uses it. It is the idea that there is a newer version of something that you have to explain to people so that they overlook other sites with similar titles and go straight to yours as it is the newest, or at least it promises to be. 

We have to confess if there is a new version of something it does attract our interest and so this is probably a good tactic when you are dealing with a product like Bitcoin Rush which has so many websites all claiming to be the real thing. Why look at Windows 11 when you can look at Windows 12 or OSXI?

Feature Three: The Video

This is not so common with every site as it takes time and effort to make a video, whereas just lying through your teeth with HTML is relatively quick and easy. The video on this variant of Bitcoin Rush is the same as on most of these sites - the Bitcoin Bitcoin Bitcoin Bitcoin video:

It is simply a collection of snippets from US news programmes where people mention the Bitcoin with very little connection between each segment. In short it is designed to confuse and bewilder but also to crate a sensation of excitement to persuade the watcher to jump onboard. In short it is another pert of the con.

Feature Four: The Sign-up Box

This is never missed on any of the boiler room scam websites as it is how they entrap you and your contact details. With any con-artist's scam, just like with any sales situation, the most important thing in persuading anyone of anything is exposure to your prospect. The sign-up box is usually next to the video at the top of the page:



It is here in the hope that the video or countdown will instil people with enough enthusiasm or doubt, that they will sign-up for the registration  straight away. The sign-up form asks for your phone number, and once they have this, persuading you to invest your money is just a few lies away.

As you browse further down the page you can see that every section has a 'sign-up now!' link to take you back to that registration form in case any section persuades you to sign up. This is simply how they work, they keep talking and typing until you finally cave in and sign up with their scam.

On the phone they are exactly the same. They just keep calling and spinning their nonsense until you finally make a deposit, and then they know that they can keep talking and talking until you make another.

Feature Five: The Advantages

This is another attempt to get you back to the sign-up box and enter your details. They list a set of implausible capabilities of this supposed crypto-trading robot in order to make you believe that this technology actually exists and that you can always make a risk free profit from it.