Office 365 Phishing {secure} Re: Status report 10/11/2022 - {secure}

Office 365 Phishing attack on Office 365 users


Watch out for Office 365 Phishing emails being received through the Office 365 servers this week..

Thay are using a single large image with all of the text embedded:

Clicking anywhere upon the image will take you through to the following link: 

You can see the website below:

The phishing email forwards you to which is a fake Office 365 logon phishing attack. You can see a screen showing their attack here: 

In the above case we have replaced the encoded email address with a generic one, but bear in mind that the email arrived with th recipients email instead. In this case, the email arrived from which was named automated notification to confuse people.

Please report the sources of these messages as spammers and report the landing site here: 


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