Bitcoin Profit Way


Well here is the website, but it is just another revamp of the same old Bitcoin XXXX scam, so perhaps it is not worth seriously reviewing as it cannot be anything other than a scam:

It certainly is showing all of the signs of a scam:

  • It has a video promising unimaginable wealth
  • It says 'Advertorial' in faint letters right at the top of the page
  • It says 'Fast and Effective way to to get rich' in huge letters
  • Next to the video is a sign-up form
  • It has a huge disclaimer at the bottom of the page
  • It acknowledges that the site receives affiliate fees for passing you on to broker sites
  • It warns that CFD trading is highly speculative
  • It warns that option trading is outlawed in the US
  • It has no official company name, number or address

YUP! It's a scam alright.

What Does Bitcoin Profit Way Promise?

Well according to their video:


This is a Wall Street Journal video about Bitcoin which is nothing to do with whoever runs this website. 

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