Who Are FX ACE or  ACE FX? This broker is part of a boiler room scam. The website barely even q

Who Are FX ACE or ACE FX?

Now there are two websites here - and They have the same logo, but are actually not related.

Who are

This broker may be part of a boiler room scam. The website barely even qualifies to deserve that term. None of the links work and the whole website appears to be made up of a wordpress template that has not been properly configured. The website is hidden behind cloudflare, as is the usual behaviour of the scammer sites but have previously been hosted by GoDaddy and others. It is possible they are still at the GoDaddy server of but we have not verified this.

Who are

According to they are here:

And they have a phone number of 02073577373

You can find them on Google Maps here:

But from their sign they are now a precious metal exchange, which presumably means that they are a very different business to as they are not ForEx traders, but buy old rings and jewellery for cash. This does not seem like a normal pairing - ForEx and Bureau-de-change.??? 

There is a separate site for the bureau de change which is but this site seems quite well managed and administered and is obviously not created by the same people.


Is the Same Company as

No, we do not think that they are the same. The website gives addresses and phone numbers that work and has links to various contact and about us pages on the site, all of which are lacking on 

There is actually even some confusion at the FCA as they are showing pages that explain that are not registered with them, but why would they be, they just exchange currency and buy old gold rings. Hardly FCA territory. This could be an indicator that the FCA have received complaints 

Are Scammers?

According to users on the forex peace army they have been scamming people: and from the website it does look as though this is another boiler room scammer:

As you can see the website is extremely unreliable and badly administered. The difference here though is that this company has an address that appears to be real and shows up in Google Maps. Is it possible they were a legitimate broker who has gone bad? Could they be a legitimate company that has become desperate? It seems unlikely as becoming a broker is a big deal and you don't have a crap website with no terms and conditions. It is more likely that we are looking at a boiler room scammer broker who has actually stolen an identity of a real address to defraud people online.

Why do we say that the website is poorly administered and thrown together? Well, this is supposed to be a company in London, England and here is the contact details on their website:

You really would expect them to be able to spell it...

Are Really in London?

No, this further convinces us that this is not that same company as at all, but another scammer entity that has re-registered their domain to allow the scammers to defraud people using an established identity, and this is indeed the case. have been hijacked and their logo used by to try and use an established London company to defraud European people.

They also appear to have their registered address at: UNIT 8B CONCOURSE LEVEL, 16-19 CANADA SQUARE, ENGLAND, LONDON, E14 5EQ which appears to be a unique address to them rather than an accountant:

According to Cylex, they appear to have another bureau de change there:

And we have verified this by phone.

Looking at the broker version of the website, we believe that the trader is actually a fake leeching off of the real business. We will try and verify this by phone also:

OK so there we have it. This is a fraudulent imposter of trying to use their name as a means to defraud European and Australian people out of their money using the integrity of

It seems likely (as the domain was registered in 2004) that it could have been re-registered by someone else in order to misuse the name. They have obviously stolen the logo and are attempting to use it to cover the dodgy quality of their website.


| is just a Bureau-de-Change |





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