Tesla Scam on Facebook August 2020

Watch out for this ongoing Tesla scam that Facebook are advertising: Which takes you through to:&nb

Watch out for this ongoing Tesla scam that Facebook are advertising:

Which takes you through to: https://nonnutritiously.com/en/biprp5/blog8/?flow=1

This pitiful scam is a recreation of the This Morning scam seen in Britain in 2019:

The scam is based upon the idea that a celebrity of some kind, who has previously or recently appeared on the This Morning show was actually there to promote a ground-breaking new online tool that can automatically trade stocks, ForEx (Foreign Exchange) or Cryptocurrency using artificial intelligence and quantum computing or a combination thereof.

They have actually Hijacked Elon Musk's speech in a video here:

To try and convince people that he is heading up a plan to resolve world poverty by redistributing wealth using a quantum computing artificial intelligence system that will simply make money for anyone from the stock markets online.

The This Morning scam progresses along these lines.

The celebrity (Elon Musk in this case) appears on This Morning in an interview to showcase his new website/app/system. He brings a mobile device with the software installed, and shows the device to the host, displaying how much money he is making by the minute using the software. The host then downloads the software to their own device and then starts to make money live on-air

At this point, the banks or producers step in to stop this terrible occurrence as normal people are about to find out how they all stay rich and nobody else does.

It really is that ridiculous!

It goes without saying that there are no magic apps created by NASA scientists, Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos, Microsoft, Google or Amazon.

This is a scam to defraud you and Facebook will be exposed as con-artists if they do not start policing their ads more closely. 

Google and Twitter are just as guilty. We have seen this ad on Twitter, Google and a variant on YouTube.

You must be careful and avoid these scammers and they will give up and try something else.


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