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What is Crypto Success?


Let's have a look at their new website:

Well the first thing that we notice is the new video, so let's have a look at that:

Have you ever wondered how the rich maintain this lifestyle?

Well it has nothing to do with as we can see below:

Who seem to be having rather a bad day today. Their wordpress site appears to have been taken down for some reason, I wonder why?

well the testimonials are not high quality, you can see the subjects look down at the script for their next line, which makes you wonder why they spend so much time trying to make the rest of it look expensive. The example testimonial people seem to be of US or Canadian extraction, presumably meaning that this product is meant for US citizens to use legally. We shall come back to this later...

They go one to mention the magic words auto-trading software which is a great idea. Of course it is. A software that uses AI to work out just from the numbers of the stock market, what is going to happen next. The AI has obviously noticed some sort of purely mathematical pattern that humans have failed to spot. Now the computer trades with almost complete perfection and makes people a profit. 

The problem with this idea is, that as soon as you introduce an AI capable of this feat to the market, the market is changed. The market would no longer operate within the same AI detectable pattern and the AIs would have to re-learn patterns all over again, and would lose all of anyone's money in the process.

This is a moot point of course, as no one has ever managed to make an AI that does anything other than lose money at an accelerated rate to a person.

In other words, anyone using the term auto-trading software is trying to defraud people.

They go to say that they are trading ForEx with cryptocurrency. Now this is just nonsense. ForEx Foreign Exchange trading is trading EUR/USD/GBP etc. and is exactly what cryptocurrencies like Ethereum get around. They cannot be combined in any way. This video is a collection of terms combined to confuse and defraud.

A real programmer, for instance, would be able to spell software: