Prime Advantage

As you can see they are using the same CSS files as Bitcoin Trader

Prime Advantage - What is it?

The website structure appears very familiar, similar to many scams we have seen in the past.

There is a video on the left and a form to submit your details on the right. So far there has been no mention as to what they are actually offering which means they are hoping people are in a state of mind where they will sign up without reading anything. This is a big red flag!

Let's have a look at the structure of the website to see if there are any other clues that this may be related to other scam sites.

As you can see they are using the same format files as Bitcoin Trader, so we know instantly that this is a website to be wary of. This is a huge red flag!

If we have a look at the video:

There do seem to be a lot of unreasonable promises here. Being at the 'X on a treasure map' is not a promise we would want to defend in court. This is another big red flag!

They go on to mention that they do actually trade CFDs and they do warn us on the bottom of the contact form that CFDs are highly volatile and unsuitable for beginners in trading. This is an obvious 'small print' tactic. To get you to sign up for something you do not understand whilst warning you that it is a bad idea in very small letters at the bottom of the form. Red flag!

If we just skip past the usual 'friendly interface' and 'proven performance' which are all obvious lies if this is CFD trading, we can see that they promise:


Which is an 'up to' statement meaning that this is not a guarantee of anything. With CFD trading, real or not, you are typically leveraging 50 - 100 times the actual stake and you can lose your contract if the broker deems your position unfit. The actual rules by which an offshore, unregulated trader can close your position change from broker to broker, but if they are not regulated by a financial regulator in your country, they can pretty much do anything they want.

They go on to promise AI trading and other nonsense, but this is just a way of clouding the fact that you will lose all of your money and it may or may not have been real trading.

There is a bit of new regarding stocks and shares for those who have read this far down and still not filled in the form, but it is just eye-candy.

Even the screenshots are an obvious fake.

Finally we can see th true nature of this website - a fraudulent advert:


Risk Disclaimer: Prime Advantage is not in any way responsible for the decisions you make after reading the materials on this website. The information presented herein is for illustrative purposes only and shouldn’t be taken as a guarantee of profitability. You should take time to conduct enough due diligence before signing up with Prime Advantage.

Signing up with our platform implies that you are aware of our terms and conditions and have accepted them fully. We retain the rights to earn commissions by recommending third-party services through this website.

This website is a pack of lies and has no bearing upon the reality of trading CFDs. You should never get involved in such dangerous trading unless you have read a great deal on the subject or are a professional trader.


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