Bitcoin Rush Review 2021 – Is it a Scam? Yes!

We have no idea who are but they certainly have some very disingenuous adverts. They do h

Bitcoin Rush Review 2021 – Is it a Scam? Yes! 


Is this really the Associated Press of America? They certainly have some very disingenuous adverts.

They do have a bit of text that states:

Press release content from Wired Release. The AP news staff was not involved in its creation.

But you get the feeling this is just to protect them rather than the consumer.

So this is described as an advert, but it is obviously written in the first person plural to be understood as a review carried out by, who are the associated press aren't they? And they allow this?. Let's take a look at this review advert to see what's what.

Bitcoin Rush Review 2020 – Is it a Scam?

We just discovered an excellent auto trading platform for cryptocurrencies; it is called Bitcoin Rush. We have been searching for a good trading robot that we can add to the growing list of brands we have already discovered. OK so just to explain again, this is an advert, so none of this is written by the magazine, they have simply allowed an advert that confuses the reader into believing that the article was written by APNews. In our opinion this is not a magazine to be reading regarding finance - they show the utter disregard they have for their readers.

My team will continue to search and test crypto trading platforms that work automatically because they are the best trading option for new and older investors. Just to reiterate, the team this advert refer to have nothing to do with the magazine in which it appears, this is very disingenuous behaviour by both advertiser and editor.

Conclusion: An outstanding software for beginners and professionals. Remember there is no analysis being carried out here, it is all lies. This is an advert, as we are reminded below.

Open Your Bitcoin Rush Account for Free Now We'd rather not as there is no such thing as a Bitcoin Rush account, it is just a webpage that forwards you to offshore brokers who are not regulated in your territory.


How does Bitcoin Rush work? Remember that they are not checking anything - this is merely an advert pretending to be a review.

We chose to review Bitcoin Rush because the trading platform presented another opportunity to earn a passive income from the cryptocurrency market. A passive income? What they mean is an income without effort, like renting out a house. When it comes to trading, this simply does not exist.

In simple terms, we can describe Bitcoin Rush as a crypto trading platform that has been created to automatically buy and sell the different types of cryptocurrencies that exist on the market. It is not a platform at all. It is just a webpage run by scammers to try and get affiliate fees from unregulated brokers.

We have found so many reasons to encourage our readers to start trading with Bitcoin Rush. At the top of the list is profitability, we can confirm that all users will make so much money when they trade with Bitcoin Rush. Remember that this is not written by the magazine, so using the word 'readers' really is a low blow.

The trading process

We started this Bitcoin Rush review with a timeline for the project. We wanted to ensure that my team had enough time to do a comprehensive study of the trading platform and its working system. This guy has no team, he is just writing an advert to try and bewitch people into registering with unregulated, possibly illegal brokers.

My team met all the goals we set for this review. Here is a brief description of the trading process and how we did the review; There is no review, and no platform for that matter.

The trading process starts when we click on a button on the site. The trading robots are activated, and they use the money that we have deposited in our Bitcoin Rush account to buy and sell cryptocurrencies. No it doesn't, it passes you over to a CFD broker located registered overseas and unregulated in your territory.

We noticed that the trading robot works very fast, in a few minutes, we saw that over a dozen transactions had been completed, and we already had a profit on the account balance. We had the opportunity to determine the length of our trading session, and it can be stopped with one click. This is complete nonsense.

The following steps are necessary to get started;

-Account registration There is no account - they just sign you up with a broker using MT4 or 5 metatrading for CFDs.

We registered a new Bitcoin Rush account; this was not a difficult task. We only needed to provide information to complete the process, such as an account name, email, and phone number. Rubbish, they just pass your details onto another broker.


After uploading this information, it was verified, and we proceeded.

-Making a deposit

We made a deposit through one of the online payment platforms already set-up on the website. We chose to make a deposit with the MasterCard option, and it was done in seconds. We started with the minimum deposit of $250. This is the best approach for all new investors who are trading crypto with an automated system for the first time. Once they have your details then they will pester you to try and get all of your savings, so ignore this rubbish, never give them your contact details.

-Live trading

After making a deposit, we clicked on the button to trigger the live trading session. It was a great experience; we earned a profit of $863 after ending the live trading session. Do you really believe that this system multiplies your money by 350% in a few minutes?

Advantages of trading with Bitcoin Rush

We think this crypto trading platform is the best, here are the reasons we will recommend Bitcoin Rush to others; Remember that Bitcoin Rush are writing this text.

-Fast trading system

Only the fastest trading systems generate profits on the crypto market. We are impressed with Bitcoin Rush, and it is a fast trading system. On average, we calculated a total of twenty-five transactions in about five minutes. That is impressive. This is complete lies. Bitcoin Rush does not auto-trade for Crypto at all.

-Online customer service

The customer service system is always online, and it can be used by everyone who has a registered Bitcoin Rush account. This is a lie, there is no support from this site, they just forward yo to a site and hand over your details without your permission.

-Secure transactions

We found out that the system is protected by antivirus and malware. You cannot be protected by malware, that is just stupid. These programs prevent data theft or loss of funds to hackers. This is complete rubbish.

-Fast withdrawal

We can also confirm that withdrawal from Bitcoin Rush can be completed in 24-hours. This is a huge advantage, we know that so many traders would like to withdraw their funds very quickly and Bitcoin Rush is the best option. 80% of all users lose all their money so withdrawals are a very rare experience. 

Celebrity endorsements

There have been rumours about celebrity endorsements and investments from wealthy entrepreneurs such as Richard Branson, Sean Connery, and others, these stories are not correct. We investigated these claims, and it turns out that Bitcoin Rush is an independent brand; it is not affiliated with celebrities or corporate investment firms. In other words, the lying fiends that wrote this advert occasionally pretend that celebrities use Bitcoin Rush but as everyone has realise that it is nonsense, they are now trying to distance themselves from it.

Bitcoin Rush - Our Verdict

We have proven through our tests that Bitcoin Rush is profitable and legit. We recommend Bitcoin Rush to our audience out there. No review would ever even question if something was a scam or even mention this detail. This is just more evidence of scammers.

Register with Bitcoin Rush Free Now

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