CryptoGPS Robot Review

CryptoGPS Robot Review   Is Crypto GPS a scam? Well let's see if we can work it out - what is C

Is Crypto GPS a Scam?

Well let's see if we can work it out - what is CryptoGPS actually claiming to be?

Well it is claiming to be a auto-trading trading robot that is being generously given away by an American voice that says:

'In the past three months I have made 27 random people millionaires and now it's your turn!'

So this is clearly a scam.

Right, so anyone who purportedly reviews this site seriously is either

1. A liar

2. A moron

Here are some golden rules to avoid scams:

What is Crypto GPS?

CryptoGPS are claiming to use GPS technology for trading with supercomputers, one of which is near Buckingham Palace, which seems like quite an expensive bit of land to install a super computer in, with the price of electricity there etc. Now there computers use magic, wizardry, special NASA codes, witchcraft and GPS to find you the next BIG TRADE! Even though it trades without you buying anything or selling anything as you haven't even got an account with a stockbroker.

Now GPS technology is a set of satellites orbiting planet Earth that send radar type signals down to the ground and a receiver that is receiving these signals can triangulate its global position with the GPS global positioning system. These signals contain no information except the exact time they were send so that the distance to the satellite can be calculated and your position confirmed. 

Trading is buying a stock at one price and selling it at another.

And the overlap is: absolutely nothing.

This could be a SCAM! What do you think?

We can also see the same scam here:

Now what about the claims that they use satellite or GPS communication technology? Well since GPS technology is satellite communication of a kind this seems like an odd mix of buzzwords thrown about by people who don't have a clue what either of these terms mean. Satellite and GPS communications are not linked in any way to the stock market as each country has their own - FTSE, NASDAQ, Dow Jones, NYSE, Hang Seng etc. which makes satellite communication kind of irrelevant. Mosts comms these days travel intercontinental by fibre-optic cables as they are a shorter distance, more reliable, cheaper and carry much more capacity. The internet relies on 'fibre' to make it work.

Now next they guarantee $10k every day. This is clearly ridiculous.

They are targeting students by the sound of it, people who need money but have a little to risk.

They tell you to download the app but there is no link to the App or Google stores which seems odd as that would at least allow us to verify the code with Google. 

Moving along with the video..

Let's pause that video where you can see the email addresses: 

OK so let's have a close look at these addresses and try searching for some on-line:

[email protected] - seems reasonable, what do we see if we search: gives us a computer coders test site  called BT SQL Project with this script:

('mthurn', 'topsecret', '[email protected]', 1),
('fangorn', 'topsecret', '[email protected]', 1),
('euice', 'topsecret', '[email protected]', 1),
('rgarcia', 'topsecret', '[email protected]', 1),
('mxiao', 'topsecret', '[email protected]', 1),
('firstpr', 'topsecret', '[email protected]', 1),
('webdragon', 'topsecret', '[email protected]', 1),
('jguyer', 'topsecret', '[email protected]', 1),
('sakusha', 'topsecret', '[email protected]', 1),
('crandall', 'topsecret', '[email protected]', 1),
('drezet', 'topsecret', '[email protected]', 1),
('miyop', 'topsecret', '[email protected]', 1)

It is exactly the same list!!!

Then that first email is a company on FaceBook: in Lebanon...?

And also a student on a course : which once again has the list:

[email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]Cc:[email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]

And here:

Where their name is listed as Marius P Repiv and they have a Subscription Box code held on Git Hub. So is this the developer for their sites using the same email address list for testing as he supplied the makers of that video? Let's see if we can cross reference any of the GitHub links in their sites to that subscription box.

Let's have a look at the app and the reviews on the app store:

Conclusions on CryptoGPS

So how much evidence is there that CryptoGPS is a scam?

  1. Are the claims being made absurd: YES
  2. Can we find evidence of a proper app on the Google or Apple store with good reviews?:  NO
  3. Can we find proper contact details for this individual or company and trace them?:  NO
  4. Is this service offered by any of the big trader companies?:  NO
  5. Is this another stupid scam site with a ridiculous vide promising vast wealth for free?:  YES

CryptoGPS is a SCAM!!!

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