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Bitcoin Up new site and and advertising on Google with:

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Bitcoins up. 78.000 Satisfied Clients from 76 Countries Choose Us. Don't Miss This Great...

Redirecting to: the app is fake; it just gives your number to scammers who to enrol you in some course for $100 or $250 depending on who you speak to.

As you can see the app only has one screen that takes your details and then you cannot login but they send your phone number to whichever scammer they are partnering at the time.

The whole site is just a recurring one that harvests contact details to be plagued with calls from unregulated offshore trading companies that are desperate to sell CFD contracts for differences. These products are illegal to solicit in the US and so they produce these elaborate lies to get as many gullible people as possible to sign up. It is all too good to be true of course, but presumably it must work as they keep doing it over and over and over and over...

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Bitcoin Up 

You do not need an app to become a smart Bitcoin investor or join anyone at Bitcoin Up.

The Bitcoin Up is the brainchild of the group of people who understood the potential of online Bitcoin trading and how it can make people wealthy with the minimum investment amount. The early Bitcoin investors started with the venture about 10 years ago, and now they are renowned names in the Bitcoin trading industry.

Award-winning Trading App (Not true)
Due to superior technology and ultimate performance, the Bitcoin Up app won various accolades and prestigious awards. This is the result of delivering outstanding performance, quality, accuracy, and the balance of functionality. You can stay rest assured it is a standout application and offers all the best functions that you could ever think.
 Shellie Ansell - Makes it impossible .... I can't sign in or even open another account! Not sure of the issues but haven't even been able to get started! (Lucky you)
 Robert Otwori - Why no one is rating this app and you're claiming it is the best in your website?? This raises a red flag. (Yes, it's a scam)
 Alex Soran - If you didn't already know, bitcoin up is a scam. Stop wasting your time with this garbage and go trade on Coinbase or Binance. (Decent advice)
 Liviu Ciont - Don't trust them, you'll be scammed!!!! (Yes :~[ )

You can see their website here: Scam which is very keen on getting your details but has no link to the app at all??

No link to the app, don't they want to get you to download it? As you can see from the above it is not a well rated app.

We have added a few warnings to their video, which is pretty pertinent as the COVID crisis has been totally overblown in order to bring in cryptocurrency and this video was probably originally produced to aid that purpose. Anyway these scammers are using it to make people think that they need their app which will magically use Bitcoin in some way to make them $2000 per day.

Once again we can see that the privacy and T&Cs belong to Profitoro and which does question the identity of these scammers. Are they the owners of and Profitoro? It sounds like a scammers website to us. Their website is now which has recently appeared:

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