Websites Content Hijacked to point at -

Charity site hijacked by worthless scumbags to get ranking on pathetic affiliate casino scam sites.

Website Content Hijacked to point at -


We have seen recently that some out of use domain names formerly held by charities have been hijacked and then recreated (presumably by copying the HTML from or waybackmachine or similar) so that they can add backlinks to questionable gambling sites to gain ranking.



In order to counter this we must point out these fraudulently hijacked content based sites and the questionable gambling sites they point to.

Obviously Mother Tongue, when it existed, did not advice anyone to work at any gambling establishments as their charity was concerned with helping people overcome language barriers, making their clients most unsuitable for communicating with customers in loud, dark casinos where people may be getting upset due to loss of stake funds. 

They have added some relevant text to the Mother Tongue website that fits the bill which may suggest that it was an English speaking company that provided the text. Whether that means gambling referral wordpress sites supplied the text to a number of companies is unclear, but definitely not impossible. 

The websites are both run on the same free Let's Encrypt X3 certificates valid for 90 days and the Casinois site is on an Amazon server whereas the hijacked content is hosted on a Romanian IP range administered by 

The Casinos site advertises sites such as All British Casino (All British Casino is owned and operated by L&L Europe Ltd, Northfields App 7, Vjal Indipendenza, Mosta, MST9026, Malta) which does seem rather disingenuous. 

We have reported the IP of the Hijacked site ( to [email protected] and the infringement to Amazon in the hope that they will realise that their customer is using illegal methods to gain reputation. Thus far they have done nothing but this is typical of all of these hosting and registrar companies. They only think of their shareholders.

Either way, let us have a look at the staff who are supposed to be generating these reliable casino leads on about page, as there are some.

The image for Rubi Garrick shown here: appears to be a a very popular stock photo - we recognise it from countless scam sites - meaning that they are not a staff member at all and that this is another coward scammer site.

Let's try another staff member, although they are suspiciously good looking.

Patricia Everly appears to moonlight advertising jewellery on Amazon here with exactly the same photo, again making it unlikely she searches out genuine, reliable casinos in Britain so that they can be advertised online.