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Scammers - these are some of the tricks they use...

Let us have a look at an entirely disingenuous website

- This is their Google Ad: 

Which takes you to a URL that shows this page at Online Investments Guide:

As you can see Bitcoin System is the recommended broker above all others, even though it is not a broker at all, just an advertising campaign used by unregulated scammers posing as brokers offshore. There is not a word of truth on their unscrupulous website which is made up of fraudulent lies.

Here is their website:



Online Investment Guide dot com

The URL I have copied this image from here is actually a link from a Google Ad, yes a Google Ad. It is a custom link to fool your into thinking that something as preposterous as 'Bitcoin Trader' could ever be profitable. But how can we be sure of their plunderous intent?

Well firstly, this online investment guide is an advert - why? What is their revenue stream if they are a guide? Of course they inhabit subterfuge of a 'guide' in order to conceal the fact that they are thieves. The URL of the Google Ad gives the 'guide' a special tip-off that you have searched for Bitcoin (in other words you are financially desperate and therefore vulnerable) and as such will put a special link at the top of their 'guide' to take you to a scammer site. Google Ads

Notice how Bitcoin Trader is in a special elevation??

Let's just browse to the site as the Google Search Engine would find it: Google Search

What do you know?

A completely different set of suggestions, comprising of recognised, reliable and trustworthy trading companies.

This is psychological fraud, turning trusted sources (Google Search Engine) against themselves. This is a serious poke in the eye for Google's alleged relevance quality. This is fraud on top of their SERP when you search Bitcoin.

As expected, the email at the bottom of (which links to[email protected]) has a false link, but we will email [email protected] to see what happens.


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