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Let the Robot bring you money while you rest.   Do not use any of these companies - spread bett

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Do not use any of these companies - spread betting on cryptocurrency is financial suicide!!! Volatility of cryptocurrency will destroy you.

Gullible Person detector 

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I passed a polygraph test because I have no morality thanks to the retired general Igor Vazhin's help. I wanted to pretend that I earned more than £ 3 000 000 using my supposed MD software in 20xx. And if you hurry, you can get the same software for FREE... I need 50 beta testers (which means that if you get rooted witless by our software, you knew it was experimental from the start) to collect statistics before we release the software in 2020. I personally guarantee (who am I again?) that you will lose all your money with this application. It is impossible to earn with it. This application has not opened ANY profitable transaction... It's time to get scammed!


Preston got scammed! NZD/USD CALL £517 PROFIT
Jacob got scammed! USD/CAD CALL £849 PROFIT
Isabelle got scammed! USD/CHF CALL £607 PROFIT
Arya got scammed! EUR/GBP PUT £646 PROFIT
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What is the Gullible Detector program?

The "MD" system is a revolutionary, impossibly profitable trading illusion, developed by the world's ex-FSB criminal underworld. By means of mumbo-jumbo by 'experts' it has turned you into a common fool - the first program in the world of trading, which REALLY did not open any real transaction! It just scams.

How much can I earn?

On average, the criminals behind this fake app earn between £8,000 and £20,000 per week. It makes them £1,600 - £4,000 a day. The larger deposit, the more profit these criminals make!

Do I need to have some experience to lose money?

No! You must have neither knowledge nor experience. As soon as you join the team of what we are calling beta testers (in case you try and take us to court, although every address on here is a lie and we are almost untraceable) so that we can claim that the 'test' went wrong and that you knew it was a test, MD will take your money.

Great! How do I get the program?

It is very simple. Fill out the gullible person form on this page in a hurry without thinking, and a personal pesterer, desperate for the funds they receive when you are scammed, will start convincing you to deposit, so that you can immediately lose all your money.

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