Remote Work Is The New Normal - Spam Warning !!

Remote Work Is The New Normal - Spam Warning !!   I have no idea why people are being paid to p

Remote Work Is The New Normal - Spam Warning !!


I have no idea why people are being paid to propagate this nonsense when all of the recent get togethers have resulted in no further outbreaks, but they are obviously keen that this COVID-19 thing destroys society for good. 

This email is totally unsolicited (SPAM) and complete rubbish, so it goes on our spam log..




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Remote Work Is The New Normal


Covid-19 has come as a shock to us all. As a result, it has affected everything from our exercise regimes to our social life, but it’s changed how we work more than ever. With remote work becoming the norm, the pressure is on HR teams to keep up with these changes and make working remotely accessible to everyone.


This month, we’re kicking our newsletter off with the news from the industry, what we’ve been reading, and a couple of pieces from the BorderlessMind team on what’s been going on in the world.


We hope you enjoy it. Stay safe!


Rishi Khanna
CEO - BorderlessMind



A note from us


Take a look at what we’ve been writing about this month over on our blog.


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Do You Have The Tools To Manage A Remote Team?


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5 Tips for Preparing Your Business to Thrive in the Post-pandemic World


Latest industry news


Huge companies like Facebook will be permanently moving towards remote work

With everything that's been going on in the world, huge companies have seen the value in allowing employees to work from home.


Cybersecurity and remote work - the spotlight is on how we work

We're all working more remotely now, but is it safe? Recent news has questioned how we can work remotely in the most productive and safe manner.


What we’ve been reading


What people get wrong about remote work

Think you know it all about remote work? Think again. There are some classic things we all get wrong about the remote experience, even though we all have a kind of fast-tracked knowledge of it post-coronavirus.


15 surprising ways HR can contribute in times of crisis

HR has proven to be one of the most important teams in any business at the moment. Here’s what we can learn about the importance of HR during this crazy time.



We Are Borderless Minded? Are You?


BorderlessMind helps enterprises, growth businesses and startups acquire Worlds TOP 5% IT AND NON-IT REMOTE TALENT to become part of their critical projects. We specialize in remote (offshore or near-shore) and onshore staff augmentation solutions for our clients. We help the most culturally-fit talent that are versed in variety of software development languages, frameworks, technologies, experiences, IT and non-IT skills. We focus on solving our clients’ most critical projects and talent challenges through acquiring the best people, process, and expertise - ultimately helping them succeed.







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