from BritCoin System - opportunity or scam?

BritCoin System - opportunity or scam?   If you have arrived at any trading site through links from BritCoin System - opportunity or scam?


If you have arrived at any trading site through links on an unsolicited spam email then do not trade with them. If they are not a scam they may as well be.

Firstly let us have a look at the unsolicited emails they send out to see if that gives us any clues as to their legitimacy:


From:                                         Bitcoin Code <>

Sent:                                           Thursday, June 11, 2020 11:15 AM

To:                                               Recipient

Subject:                                     Enjoy absolutely ZERO hidden charges or fees using this RISK-FREE software.


Learn miracles from Bitcoin code!


Well firstly, the software is described as risk free which is an odd claim for a trading software. If there is no risk then you are not trading.

If they are suggesting that their software is an automated trading system that never loses, then why would they want to sell it on?

Let us have a look at the website:

Firstly, the video is all lies and appears to have been branded for both the US and UK:

The current value of Bitcoin has remained at around £6-8k for over a year and it will be unlikely to grow much again. All of the media moguls lying about Bitcoin in the last few years were obviously part of a group agreement to defraud the public.



The reviews do not appear real - they look like stock photos and do not sound like UK quotes. Who there would say 'paid off every dollar of my debt' but the mention of debt does suggest they are looking to recruit the most desperate of people.



Here we shall use our pseudonym , Justin King, to open an account and see what happens...

Needs a bit more data..

On we go...

OK so now we have jumped to what appears to be a totally different company...

What is this exactly, it doesn't appear to be fully automated at all, it just wants me to use Bitcoin to deposit so that the destination is untraceable.

Using the above screen we can look into what other 'traders' have done and copy their position as in the screen below. This seems like a good way of alleviating blame from the website operator and focusing on other people, if they really exist.

This trader appears to be an Aussie living in the UK with a graph representing profit but with no labels on either axis. This really is a load of what the English call 'bollocks.'

Verdict: Do not use this trading site, it is replete with half truths and lies and although it appears that it could be legitimate trading software, the idea of copying a trade position on spread betting is extremely tenuous and could easily lead to massive losses even if the site is legitimate. It uses the Leverate Trading Technology system which is a spread betting/CFD trading system that trading houses can set-up and resell from overseas.

Bitcoin was a bubble that took some people in and now doesn't really serve a purpose unless you are being defrauded or wish to buy illegal goods online. Although this is a shame, it is simply not easy to get rid of bitcoin and so it remains unwieldy and a tricky spread-betting commodity.


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