, and, and Firstly This is a wordpress sit, and - Robot contact details harvester for affiliate revenue

This is a wordpress site - many of the internal links do not function properly and the robot that tries to get your email address is particularly stupid. They forward your contacts details to for financial reward.

They do admit this at the bottom of the page. - Questionable Online Broker Review Site

This is a questionable review site that mentions good brokers alongside scammers. Whether or not their objective is to validate scammer websites by placing them next to proper brokers is unknown, but it may have the effect of getting Google to associate these scammers with actual bonafide broker sites.

Lots of instruction to test your broker, but no mention that many of the sites they point to are scammers, not traders.

Links such as:

Which is an affiliate payment tracker run by the scammers. It actually points to an AWS server at: where they host their affiliate tracker service. Amazon, can you shut them down?

They're shut down now, thanks. - Fake Forex CFD Broker Review Site

This is a variant of, run by the same people with the same website template and the same techniques as above.

Whether fork arsed or not,  people are taken in by scammers, and these scammers really do need a fork stuck up their arse.

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  • So are these websites operated by the same sorts of people as bitcoin profit etc.? It would seem that they are in some way related, like the whole of this is designed to bring in traffic.

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