- forex scam systems (They are admitting what they are in their URL) - forex scam systems (They are admitting what they are in their URL)   Thes - forex scam systems

(They are admitting what they are in their URL)


These online scammers are still prevalent, sending out endless, shameless, feckless messages by any means available.

There are many sites unwittingly in league with these types of companies, who pay for each notification that they send out via their fake newspaper websites etc. The often impersonate the Guardian or the Daily Mail so as to coerce people into taking out their preposterous investment schemes that invariably take away everyone's money. The will often fake a celebrity endorsement, such as Richard Branson or Dragon's Den, so as to be associated with famously wealthy people in the eyes of the public.

I tried to leave a comment here:


I do not believe that an automated system that could always turn a profit from spread-betting or investment in stocks could survive without destroying the market, and if you had really developed such a system, why would you sell it on or tell anyone? You would just wait and rule the world!

But of course the comment section is fake, and accepts no new messages.

Other ways that they catch people:

If you are in search of a driver for your system, the number of misleading sites that encourage the download of dangerous software, masquerading as optimisation utilities that fill your computer with dangerous rootkits and deceptive notifications is quite astonishing. We were surprised to see that so many websites consider charging for driver updater software as a reasonable cause action, when it is just as likely to cause issues as it is to resolve any. If you allow notifications from these sites they will start sending you to various fake news sites that recommend QProfit and it's scammer friends.


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