Your personal data is at risk! Change your password immediately! Spam Warning!!

Your personal data is at risk! Change your password immediately! Spam Warning!!   This is a tex

Your personal data is at risk! Change your password immediately! Spam Warning!!


This is a text only email being received regularly by many email users:



I am a representative of the Chaos hacking group. So you're like Neo or Morpheus or someone like that?
In the period from 30/06/2019 to 23/09/2019, we gained access to your account [email protected] by hacking one of the domain.suffix mail servers.

Not very specific with that, but OK

Have you changed your password yet? No
Good! But our program intercepts it every time. And every time I we your new password! Oh my god! I we your new password! Does that mean it has gone down the toilet?

By accessing your email account, it was easy to connect to your device's operating system. That sounds pretty impossible, after all, you don't even seem to know what device I use, or what operating system it runs.

At the moment all of your contacts are known to us. We also have access to your messengers and your correspondence. My messengers are out of town, and ride fast and strong!
All this information is already stored on my pendrive. You use a pen drive? What, like a USB flash drive? Well why mention that?

We are also aware of your intimate adventures on the Internet. You've been reading my blog?
We know that you love adult sites and we know about your sex addictions. You mean you've heard I like sex?
You have very interesting and unique taste (do you understand what I mean?). No need for a full-stop there, the question mark has one inside the brackets. In regards to your remarks though, if my tastes are so unique, I would need my own unique website.

When browsing these pages, your device's camera turns on automatically.
What you watch is recorded and saved on our server. So you have a server now, is your pen drive a backup of that?

At the moment, several compromising video recordings have been collected.
From the moment you read this letter, after 120 hours, all your contacts in this email inbox and in messengers will receive these clips and files along with correspondence. How would you send all this supposed video, by email? Video wouldn't fit in an email, so would you send links to your servers, or just post everyone your pen drive, with instructions on how to forward it to the next person on the list?

If you do not want this, transfer 2,000.00 GBP to our unique Bitcoin wallet. Your Bitcoin wallet is unique?!?

Send exactly:
0.29205687 BTC

to our Bitcoin wallet:


The address is case-sensitive - copy it.

As soon as your transfer is confirmed, all your contacts and video recording will automatically delete immediately. Automatically and immediately! Wow!
If no money arrives on time, the video and correspondence files will be sent to all your contacts. I can assure you that no money will arrive in plenty of time :)

You decide ... Pay or live in hell with shame ... Is that where shame went? Hadn't seen him for a while....

We believe that this whole story will teach you how to use the gadgets correctly! Uh, so after all this, you have the moral high ground!
Everyone loves adult sites, but you are out of luck.
For the future - just stick the sticker on your device's camera when visiting adult sites! But if you had control over the operating system, couldn't you just record my activity when accessing the bank and get money that way?

Take care of yourself!

 I shall


The email is Received: from (

The from address used, in this case was [email protected] who wanted £2000 for not telling people about what users browse when on the internet???

Doesn't sound like a very good deal to us.

Block the originating email as spam, and never pay a ransom to anyone who threatens you online. Please email us with any scams you receive so that the perpetrators can be brought to justice.

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