Purchase Order # 37642 - Supply - SPAM WARNING !!!

Purchase Order # 37642 - Supply - SPAM WARNING !!!   Although this email is incredibly lame, we

Purchase Order # 37642 - Supply - SPAM WARNING !!!


Although this email is incredibly lame, we will mention it just to be clear that it is just junk.

This email just has an attachment spam that doesn't pull many punches:


From:                                                       Ägidius Christoph <[email protected]>

Sent:                                                         Wednesday, July 17, 2019 9:01 PM

Subject:                                                   Purchase Order # 37642 - Supply

Attachments:                                         Scan0113161.pdf.r00


Dear Sir,

We are still waiting for your firm answer on the readiness of our attach order.

(See attached file: Scan0113161.pdf)

This is our first cooperation and if you further delay it then we will have to think twice before placing orders to you.
we except the rest of the goods to be ready for dispatch.

Please note that if there is any further delay your company will have to send this material by air, your committed delivery date for this order was 27th May, its 3rd now and still it is not dispatched.

Need your immediate reply

Thanks & Regard

Agidius Christoph


As seems to be the usual now, the attention to either spelling or grammar is completely absent and the email itself is from such a bizarre address that you just cannot really understand their thinking, if there was any.

The attachment arrives as a r00 zip file which contains a 'Scan0113161.pdf.exe' file which is obviously a virus or batch file of some kind.

Mark the address as spam and the email as dangerous although it is rather too pathetic to worry about.

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