Metro Bank Spam - Please Action: E-Payment REF: MTA22506651

Metro Bank Spam - Please Action: E-Payment REF: MTA22506651   v\:* {behavior:url(#default#VM

Metro Bank Spam - Please Action: E-Payment REF: MTA22506651




From:                                         Metro Bank <[email protected]>

Sent:                                           21 November 2017 14:28

To:                                               Recipients

Subject:                                     Please Action: E-Payment REF: MTA22506651


Valued Customer,

Please note that starting from November 21, 2017 we will be introducing new online banking authentication procedures in order to protect the private information of all online banking users.

There is a pending transfer payment into you account from our account department. For security reason invalid record or your 8 digits Security number. We require you to confirm your profile on file with us before this transfer can be completed.

This can be done using the reference provide below.

Complete incoming Payment

Please remember to check 'e-Documents' regularly as we may send you documents which you need to action. Your online documents are stored for 7 years and can be viewed, downloaded and printed at any time.

Customer Service
Metro Online Banking Team



The above email is a scam - this one isn't a particularly convincing email as the formatting is based on Microsoft Office formatting and is not supported on many up-to-date system.

If we go to the link in IE, we immediately receive a warning regarding the domain of

This means that the domain has been reported by other users with IE and should be avoided - close the browser and delete the email.

If we look at the fake website itself we can see that the formatting doesn't really work:

The links top right are dead and do not even show the arrow to click on when hovered above - close the site and delete the corresponding email and mark it as junk if you have the option.

Metro Bank are a big target at the moment so do be careful if you are a user - check every email before taking any action!

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