You've received FedEx Notification

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You've received FedEx Notification - FedEx spam email


From:                                         [email protected]

Sent:                                           26 September 2017 00:05

To:                                               Support

Subject:                                     You've received FedEx Notification


Dear Client,

The premiss has arrived at our office on 19 Sep. We couldn't deliver the premiss to your address. In order to get the premiss you have to go to the post office and give us the e-mail receipt:

FedEx receipt Postal ID: 707282236280652


payment date - 16 Sep. 2017 09:58 pm.

Sincerely yours,

Courier Support

© 1996-2017, FedEx, Incorporated.


As you can see from the below - the shortcut on the email actually points at: 


Do not click this link or proceed to this website or you will find your system compromised.

The website has actually been disabled now, and so the risk has been reduced.

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