Phone number email spams

Phone number email spams Watch out for these emails trying to get you to phone an expensive number:

Phone number email spams

Watch out for these emails trying to get you to phone an expensive number:

Name : Sophie Morgan

Email : [email protected]

Tel: 8712771062

Message : Please call me on +44 8712771062

If you email the address above you receive:

Subject: Auto-Reply

Hi, unfortunately I am unable to reply to your e-mail at the moment.

Please call me on +44 8714340521 Kind regards Sophie Morgan

The phone number is simply an expensive telephone call from which they will pocket a few pence - DO NOT CALL THIS NUMBER!!!


The postal address Address: Wye St, London SW11 2HB, UK and email: [email protected] now seem to be prevalent with this spam post. It is simply an adjustment to avoid spam filtering, but the phone number is not so easily changed as it is obviously a custom-registered number to send them money. Our advice is to filter based on the phone number, with and without +44.

One of the most annoying issues with this is that the numbers cannot be easily identified or the owners tracked down and held responsible as reverse look-up on these numbers relies on the number having been published in the first place and there is no publicly available register such as with domain names (although these are largely suppressed now - wrongly, in our opinion) and so there is little immediate action that can be taken.

The latest versions of these emails are now appearing as:


Name :  Nisha

Email :  [email protected]

Tel:  +1-855-370-5507

Message :   May I Have the privilege of Connecting with you?

As you can see from the above they are US numbers in this example.


If you have any questions regarding spam or require any assistance, you can use the messenger icon at the bottom of the screen or contact us at 


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  • How much is the charge if you do call - I phoned before seeing this post?
  • Thanks for sharing this Smile

    I just had a mail.
  • Thanks for sharing this Smile I just had the same mail.
  • I have gotten twice the following spambot using my websites contact form, circumventing the anti-spam features. I have to figure out an alternative captcha feature.

    From: Jessica Mitchell <[email protected]>
    Subject: I am Interested

    Message Body:
    Please call me on +44 8712771062
  • I just received this on my website capture form. I thought it looked suspicious.
    Company Name: Ddependent
    Telephone: 8712771062
    Address: Wye St, London SW11 2HB, UK
    [email protected]

    Enquiry: Please call me on  44 8712771062

  • I'm currently getting an email a day from this lot, on my web site enquiry form. Suspicious of the number, I've emailed back every time, only to get a delivery failure notice.
    • Just so everyone is aware, which email address are the latest messages coming from?

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