Google's online advertising bubble bursting?

After last weeks Google share price crash (in which the Google giant had to have it's share suspende

After last weeks Google share price crash (in which the Google giant had to have it's share suspended from the stock market as people began to fear another dotcom bubble bursting) there is a new feeling in the SEO market this week. (SEO = Search Engine Optimisation.)

Now that Google have lost 20% of their profits in the web advertising world there is a question to ask: is this because the market has moved to cheaper and more effective or has the market realised that computer targeted advertising isn't targeted enough and the web-ad bubble HAS burst?! The massive network of websites that have been set up to climb the rankings and attract users (such as numerous and pointless device driver websites that try and install proprietary software for advertising gain) have more or less become considered virus sites and so AVG and similar steer you away from them, this means less adverts being seen.

Without the advertising revenue the number of malware/adware incidents has been seen to be on the climb again as money hungry cyber-criminals try and find new ways of grabbing our attention. The truth is though that at the moment you can still do well out of Google if you have the correct type of business and the correct set of keywords to succeed.

If you sell something locally without a lot of competition then you can manage your own advertising on Google adwords and succeed slowly and carefully if you keep a sensible budget. If you are keen to find out more about what can be done without breaking the bank and using Google tools and Adwords services then drop us a line at sircles on 0844 880 1618 and see if you can increase your revenue with our help!!!

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