The ultimate crypto scam affiliate site

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The ultimate crypto scam affiliate site

I like the way they accidentally wrote Bitcon

All of these sites are scam sites, a fact that the author knows well. The author receives an affiliate payment for every unsuspecting person that signs up with these scammers.

It is a nice picture of Holly though. Apologies for repeating your picture here Holly, but it is important to explain to people that you have no association with these scammers and that they are using your public image to defraud innocent people.

Holly Willoughby and Bitcon - Does TV Presenter Invest in Cryptocurrencies? Of course she doesn't, she works for ITV and gives advice on motherhood!

Today we read online through some obvious scam nonsense, that the beautiful blonde has invested in cryptocurrencies through automatic exchange systems which is another word for scam. Among the systems mentioned alongside it are known names such as Bitcoin Revolution Scam, Bitcoin Loophole Scam, Bitcoin Code Scam and Bitcoin Rush all of which Adam links to with affiliate links, even though he proceeds to tell us there is no connection.

Knowing these scams well, we asked ourselves: are these rumours true or made up by the scammers who run the scams to get publicity and hopefully get Holly to link to them on Twitter so that people click without reading and then get signed up and scammed for their life savings? We will find out in this in-depth article.

However, it must be said, whether these rumours are true or unfounded, that the software alongside the name of the beautiful TV presenter are definitely not reliable or safe and for this reason, if you want to know more, we recommend you never use a trading software. Just buy some Apple or Tesla or Microsoft shares.

Holly Willoughby and Bitcoin - A Pack of Lies!!

Holly Willoughby is very popular and not just because of her beauty. However, precisely because of her popularity, and her honesty and kindness scammers have targeted her in the hope she will post something on Twitter or Facebook linking to one of their scams. This way people will hopefully click without reading and get scammed before they know what's hit them.

The scams to supposedly exchange Bitcoin automatically which are placed alongside Holly by the scammers are reported time and time again, but constantly change their name and domain name and hide behind masking services to conceal their ownersEvery time we get them shutdown, they just open up again as Bitcoin******.*** and the battle for your money begins again.

Probably, Holly Willoughby has heard about cryptocurrencies, however, she has never publicly stated she is interested in crypto investments, as she has kids to raise and a very responsible job.

The beautiful model is certainly not famous for being an investment guru and therefore, it doesn't matter at all whether she's ever invested in Bitcoin or not. Here is a load of nonsense just to get affiliate links to these scammers on my scammer page!

The Bitcoin Revolution Scam

Bitcoin Revolution is simply one of the oldest automated trading platforms (scams) in the market. This robot manages to make profits by speculating on the price of cryptocurrencies. Plus, it scores over 90% success rate! No it doesn't, you can read about what these autotrader cryptocurrency scams do.

The software pretends that it works 100% on autopilot, which would mean that even those who have never traded in their life can use it to make a profit - ridiculous. The feedback that many users leave online question its reality.

In addition, the scam owners claim that their users have been able to earn immediately, in the first 24 hours from the first investment, starting with a minimum deposit of $ 250. If you want to know more and find out how, we recommend you read our review.

Does Holly Willoughby recommend using Bitcoin Revolution?

Obviously, we have not found any evidence to support these scammers. So, it is obvious that Holly Willoughby has never dealt with Bitcoin Revolution (which is a scam). These rumours were generated by the scammers that run Bitcoin Revolution or their affiliates.

These sites create fake news using click-catching headlines, which contain very popular keywords. As Bitcoin Revolution are scammers and Holly Willoughby is highly sought-after terms online, this gives them a better chance to confuse people who have never traded before, but trust Holly. However, this remains fake news and we recommend that you only read the Economist and FT.

How to trade cryptocurrencies with Bitcoin Revolution

It is very easy to create a new account on the Bitcoin Revolution scam app., so for God's sake, be aware of these points:

  • Do not browse to the homepage of the site and fill out the form in the foreground, once they have your number, they will plague you with scam callers.
  • Do not make a minimum deposit of at least $ 250 using one of the proposed regulated brokers as you will lose this money and any subsequent deposits
  • Ignore demo mode as it is a fake algorithm that tries to persuade you to deposit so the fake site can pretend to you that you have started trading for real.

It is worth mentioning, that all beginners are tempted into these scam platforms through a fake demo account, which is the only way to be successful in the long run. In case you need support, Bitcoin Revolution also offers you a personal account scammer who will do their best to get your life savings off of you.

Bitcoin loophole

Some ridiculous scam sites place the name of Holly Willoughby alongside that of the Bitcoin Loophole automatic trading system (scam site). This software, just like the scam mentioned above, is always used to steal from people using the buzz word cryptocurrencies.

The robot pretends to use effective trading techniques to predict market movements and hits the target 9 times out of 10 this is an utterly stupid claim. These techniques are obviously not used by professional traders, who do not trade in cryptocurrency as it is so volatile.

Again, many positive reviews about Bitcoin Loophole are invented by the scammer website owners. We can say that at least 90% of the reviews we found online on Bitcoin Loophole are fake. The remainder includes a slice of users who have been gullible enough to be scammed by these scumbags.

For this reason, before starting to use this platform, we recommend that all beginners take a look at our full review.

Has Holly Willoughby ever used Bitcoin Loophole? No

Again, in this case there is no evidence to support these ridiculous claims. Therefore, it is once again evident that this is a simple scam by the website owners and their affiliates, trying to target the most vulnerable people in society who have disability benefit from suffering from depression etc., or who have received a payout after losing a loved one. As mentioned earlier in this in-depth nonsense, gossip sites spread this news only to take advantage of the unfortunate. Bitcoin Loophole is a scam but Holly + Willoughby are two keywords that offer very high search volumes and that is why the two names are often associated together in the same titles, to associate a trusted public figure with a scumbag scam, get Holly to respond with a Tweet, get everyone online, and hope that they misconstrue her message and follow a link to the offending pages where people will be taken for a ride.


How does the Bitcoin Loophole scam work?

It's as simple as having a glass of water to get scammed by Bitcoin Loophole. remember this advice:

  • Never access the scam app page and never create a new account
  • If you are assigned a telephone scammer to try and make you deposit, they will pester you until you crack, it is what they do!
  • Never believe that anyone would give you a magic website that by just activating the Live button and letting the platform take care of the rest, you would make money!

Bitcoin Loophole is a fully automated robot. However, more experienced traders can also decide to use it in manual mode to check their trading strategies, for example.

Bitcoin Code

Bitcoin Code is no different from the two robot scams mentioned above, in any operation. Again in this scam, users have the option of trading fully automatically or by activating the manual mode.

Using the software in manual mode, you will be able to define your own risk level and apply your trading strategies. Obviously this is a practice that we recommend to use only for more experienced traders because we want you to select automatic, as that is how this scam works.

As you have not accumulated a lot of trading experience in previous years as then there would be no way you would ever be reading this then our advice is to go to automatic mode. It will make you less money, but at least it will not make you lose your investment, which could happen if you touch the controls.

Bitcoin Code is a scam and as such, a reliable moneymaker for the scammer owners, and the online feedback is super fake. Any advice? If you have $ 250 to invest, do not touch this scam, no matter how much we lie in our review!

Does Holly Willoughby recommend using the Bitcoin Code? No!

Of course not! Once more some fake news sites spread the rumor that Holly Willoughby was investing in cryptocurrencies via Bitcoin Code in order to get the most vulnerable people hearing the name of this scam.

We conducted some research and although we were unable to contact the TV presenter directly, nothing suggests that she has ever used the Bitcoin Code scam.

As already reiterated several times, since we are just trying to get the affiliate links in to this ridiculous article, Bitcoin Code scam generates a lot of money for the scammer owners, while searches on Holly Willoughby attract web traffic and she is a nice lady.

How does the Bitcoin Code scam work?

The trading experience offered by Bitcoin Code is absolutely impossible. Follow these steps or just burn $250 to save time rather than wait to be scammed:

  • Never open a free account on the official website
  • Do not deposit at least $ 250 (fake trading capital)
  • Remember that using the platform in trial mode is designed to make you believe that it works - it is all fake!
  • When you have read this, mark their website as a scam by using one of these methods.

Bitcoin Code is a platform that really works, however it is recommended to keep it on at least 8 hours a day. In addition, we recommend trading especially during the opening hours of the US market.

The Bitcoin Rush Scam

Bitcoin Rush is yet another scam that pretends to speculate on cryptocurrency market movements, supposedly with an efficiency level of 90%. The platform is free, but you need to invest $250 capital to see the fake trading screens inflate your fake balance.

The platform connects users to telephone scammers, who pester them to open an account with at least $ 250 but they will continue until you have invested everything. By connecting unwitting people to these scammers, Bitcoin Rush automatically creates fake trades to bewitch the user in the hope they will deposit more.

All the reviews we have read about this platform speak enthusiastically about strangling its owners. Many people say that this is a very easy platform to be scammed by  and one that offers truly appalling support.

Has Holly Willoughby ever recommended using Bitcoin Rush?

Nothing, not even in this case we have found a single piece of evidence, which would justify the veracity of these rumours, which are obviously unfounded. Typically, again in this case we must report a series of fake news created by the scammer who own these awful fraudulent sites and their affiliates.

How does the trading software work?

Automated scamming with Bitcoin Rush is very simple, they just lie about the website and wait for the money to start rolling in:

  • For goodness' sake, do not open a new account on the official website, it's a scam
  • Tell the broker that will be pestering you to get lost, and never make the deposits they try and con you into
  • Ignore the demo account, it is just a fantasy!



If Adam Romano is a real person (and I don't think that he is, this site is hosted in India) then he is a liar of the highest order, a bounder and a cad. Every question is answered with the same reply structure to drag out the text expressly for the purpose of attracting search engine traffic, and every link is an affiliate link to a well-known scam perpetrated by off shore freeloading scammers.
Do not trust this site for anything, no matter what the rest of the content is, this site promoted criminals!


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