dailyinvestmentdealsnow.net scam server

Brexit Millionaire: https://dailyinvestmentdealsnow.net/brexitmillionaire/?intgrtn_clickID=1

Brexit Millionaire: https://dailyinvestmentdealsnow.net/brexitmillionaire/?intgrtn_clickID=1

As you can see they pay for multiple ads, desperate to get that huge affiliate fee for when a boiler room scam victim is successfully defrauded. 

On this same site, as is usually the case, they are running several scams on different Google Ad campaigns:

They all operate the same system - multiple sites on one server with the same collection of three or four words for the domain that are vaguely connected with trading or becoming rich in some way, none of which are as funny as BitcoinSucker.com. 

The websites all have the same agenda, to sign you up with a broker for CFD trading situated in St Vincent's and the Grenadines, Belize or Cyprus. The 'out of territory' brokers are not regulated by your local trading authorities and so can behave in pretty much any way they wish. Often they will use fake trading accounts and fake interfaces to trick you into thinking you are trading when your money has long gone.

They use affiliate links such as the one below to communicate to the boiler room scammers who has sent them the lead so that they can collect their 'successfully defrauded victim' fees:

https:// %7Bdynamicdomain %7D/uk-residents/?intgrtn_offerName={offerName}&intgrtn %3Fproject_id%3Dp %26affiliate_id %3D{affiliateHash} %26aff_sub1 %3D{aff_sub1} %26aff_sub2 %3D{aff_sub2} %26aff_sub3 %3D{aff_sub3}% 26aff_sub4% 3D{aff_sub4}% 26aff_sub5%3D{aff_sub5}

As you can see it tells them exactly where the victims are and which scam the victim clicked on etc.

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