Vena System

The Vena System is a series of FaceBook scam ads designed to defraud you by preparing you to be defrauded by the boiler room scammers. These ads are disseminated by guiltless affiliates who know they are scamming people using FaceBook and Meta do not seem to care.

What is the Vena System?

Well there is only one reason we talk about trading platforms on these pages, and that is to warn people that the Vena System is a scam! There is a new wave of DeepFakes on our screens and many of them are on websites belonging to companies we are supposed to be trusting like Meta and Alphabet. 

The Vena System is a series of FaceBook scam ads designed to defraud you by preparing you to be defrauded by the boiler room scammers. These ads are disseminated by guiltless affiliates who know they are scamming people using FaceBook and Meta do not seem to care.

The premise of all of these affiliate advertising campaigns is always the same. The system uses an AI robot to make trades on your behalf which you access through an expert trader who is actually the boiler room scammer. The video above is very typical in that it uses the idea that there are only a few people in the group you are attending and that it is a club for people who have been specially selected for a free beta-testing programme of a system that will soon cost huge sums of money to use. The system predicts the stock market or the oil prices or the cryptocurrency exchanges and always makes a profit. Usually there are only 20-40 places left to fill and people from all over the world are watching this video so you need to hurry up and sign-up before it's too late.

Anyone telling you that places are limited, or that they are conducting a trial is after one thing, and that is panic! They want you to be in a vulnerable state so that you are not thinking clearly and so you sign up with a service or for a product that you would not normally be inclined to purchase or subscribe to. This is the tactic of the scammer. It's a bit like that movie 'Knight and Day' where Tom Cruise explains to June that when people start using the words 'Safe, contained, secure' especially in a repetitive manner, it means they're going to kill her. This is exactly what a scammer does. When they keep repeating words like 'Free, Genuine, Safe, Secure, Risk-Free, Guaranteed, Miracle System, Get Rich Quick, Zero Investment, No Skills, No Knowledge, No Experience Needed, Places are Limited, Beta-testing, Time-Limited' especially in a repetitive manner, then that person is a scammer. It doesn't matter what they are promising, they have small print somewhere that gets them off the hook!

Because the Film has a good and wholesome message, even though it is generally regarded as a Romcom/Action Thriller.

"Knight and Day" is a 2010 action-comedy film directed by James Mangold and starring Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz. The plot revolves around a chance encounter between June Havens (Cameron Diaz) and Roy Miller (Tom Cruise), a secret agent who is on the run. After their paths cross at an airport, June finds herself caught up in Roy's dangerous world of espionage and intrigue.

Plot Summary

  • Initial Meeting: June Havens bumps into Roy Miller at an airport, leading to a series of unforeseen events. Initially, June believes Roy is a charming but eccentric man.

  • Airplane Incident: On a flight, Roy kills everyone onboard, revealing they were assassins trying to kill him. He lands the plane in a cornfield and warns June that people will come after her.

  • Espionage and Romance: As they travel from Boston to Europe, June learns that Roy is trying to protect a revolutionary energy source called the Zephyr and its young inventor, Simon Feck (Paul Dano). Roy’s mission is complicated by corrupt government agents and international spies.

  • Escapes and Chases: The film is filled with high-octane chases, shootouts, and escapes as June and Roy evade their pursuers. Along the way, a romantic relationship develops between them.

  • Climactic Resolution: The climax involves a showdown in Spain where the truth about the Zephyr and Roy's motives are revealed. In the end, June proves to be more resourceful and courageous than she initially seemed.

Themes and Tone

The film blends action with comedy, relying on the chemistry between Cruise and Diaz to deliver both thrilling sequences and humorous interactions. It plays with the tropes of the spy genre, adding a lighter, more playful twist.


"Knight and Day" received mixed reviews from critics. Some praised the charismatic performances of Cruise and Diaz, as well as the film's fast pace and entertaining action sequences. Others criticized the plot for being formulaic and the film for lacking depth.

You can find more detailed information, you can check sources such as IMDb and Rotten Tomatoes:

But is it also about the modern idea of a woman who has broken off an engagement and has decided to make her own way and when a man arrives that starts changing her life fora more exciting and interesting time, she reacts with rejection at the idea of her loss of freedom rather than embracing her attraction to him. Then as she realises he is not a threat but a more old-fashioned male, she warms to his methods and decides to join him in a new life for them both. 

"Knight and Day" does indeed incorporate elements of a modern woman's journey towards independence and her subsequent encounter with a man who drastically changes her life. Here's a deeper look into the plot with an emphasis on these themes:

June Havens' Journey

  • Independence: At the film's outset, June Havens (Cameron Diaz) is portrayed as an independent woman who has recently broken off an engagement. She is focused on her own goals, which include restoring her late father's classic car.
  • Meeting Roy: Her encounter with Roy Miller (Tom Cruise) introduces an element of chaos and excitement into her structured life. Roy is a rogue secret agent, and their initial interaction leads to a series of dangerous and thrilling events.

Reaction to Change

  • Rejection of Control: Initially, June is resistant to the upheaval Roy brings. She values her newfound independence and is wary of losing control over her life again. This is evident in her attempts to return to normalcy despite the extraordinary circumstances she finds herself in.
  • Evolution of Relationship: As the narrative progresses, June's perspective shifts. She begins to see Roy not as a threat to her freedom, but as someone who respects and complements her independence. Despite the traditional "knight" role Roy embodies, he never undermines June’s autonomy.

Embracing the Adventure

  • Warming to Roy's Methods: June's gradual acceptance of Roy's old-fashioned but genuine approach to danger and protection marks a turning point in their relationship. She starts to see the value in his methods and the excitement he brings to her life.
  • Choosing a New Path: Ultimately, June decides to embrace the adventure and the partnership Roy offers. This decision is a blend of her maintaining her independence while also allowing herself to trust and rely on someone else, leading to a balanced partnership.

Themes of Modern Independence vs. Traditional Roles

The film juxtaposes modern ideals of female independence with traditional male roles, ultimately showing that these concepts can coexist. June's journey is about finding a balance between self-sufficiency and partnership.


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