Facebook Ads and Vulnerable People

The FaceBook Ads for Quantum AI are seriously out of control at the moment! Let's go through a few e

The FaceBook Ads for Quantum AI are seriously out of control at the moment! Let's go through a few examples of how advertising targets the vulnerable and we are going to do it with out comedy pseudonym on Facebook who is a valuable contributor to the Flat Earth pages within. 

Now vulnerable people are hopeful people. If you look at the current perceived understanding of life, the universe and everything, it is pretty hopeless. Life is a coincidence. There is no reason for anything, as we have extensively proved in the left hand cortex of our minds , with it's logical, step by step function. Once you can no longer reason, there is no reason, right? So there is no you. You are gone.

Now the Christian backbone of Europe was destroyed by the Great ?War, which then became known as the First World War, even though there had Already been the Napoleonic Wars which enveloped all of Europe anyway. The Second World War followed shortly afterwards, mainly because whoever worked out all of the contracts between the European countries had planned to have another one almost straightaway, and the invasion of Poland ensured that this would play out.

This never happened in the US though. They were barely even involved in any fighting in WWI and were never invaded at any point in any of the World Wars or inf act ever, except for when the previous European owners got back in a few times after being betrayed by the ethnically identical colonists of a land they discovered.

What all of this meant is that Christianity didn't fail to protect the US citizens of German, Irish, Scottish, Welsh, French, Polish and Russian decent. Their beliefs in the divine continued unabated. Then science showed up,l particularly Charles Darwin, Galileo Galilei, Nicolaus Copernicus and Isaac Newton. These people and their ideas were not at all welcome. The US were still a creationist nation, even at the beginning of the 21st century, the vast majority of non-city people believed the Bible and the creation of the Earth and Heavens exactly as Genesis described them. 

So along comes the television scientist who is now a big personality. Gone are the days of programmes being about how the solar system works. Now it is a show hosted by Brian Greene or Brian Cox or Brian get another TV show before the end of the season. They are the celebrities scientists we are supposed to look up to, and they are teaching our children that they have no religion or purpose. There was always going to be a backlash. Enter the power of the Internet and Flat Earth!

Flat Earth is a bit like 'the Beatles''


Well it discards thousands of years of study in it's field and just gives people what makes them happy. It throws away all of the classical study of music and just starts again with some kids playing what they thinking sounds good, just like Flat Earth. It makes them feel better, so why not leave them alone?

Well if we look at the advert opposite, it is clear that this advert is not targeting FE people. Firstly, it uses Elon Musk, who fires stuff through the firmament,which is just not cool. It is also written by someone who cannot read or write in English or by an AI.

To Reseive Daily Dividends!?

And of course it is based on Quantum Computing AI which is completely against any divine idea that we were made by a god unless that god was just a technically capable alien that we are starting to catch up with. All bad. So why are FaceBook serving it up so readily in Flat Earth Groups? Well because the FaceBook algorithm serves ads where they are clicked the most, and hopeful, self-deluding people are more susceptible to being lied to, because they have spent their whole lives developing and strengthening their faith. 

In other words, FaceBook works for the Devil, and we can prove it!