Immediate Diamox

Dominate the Markets with Cutting-Edge Auto-Trading AI: Immediate Diamox 6.0, Driven by Immediate Diamox 360 (V 2.0)

 Immediate Diamax

This looks like a pretty incredible deal, there are just a few reasons to doubt the reality of this fantastic-sounding, new mobile device-based trading app.

Problem Number One:

There is a countdown on the page that always says you have twenty minutes remaining to sign-up:

As you can see it can be reset to 20:15 using a page refresh. This is a clear sign of disingenuous behaviour and means that the website author holds intent to deceive readers.

Problem Number Two:

Who are these people? Where do they reside? What is their company name and registration? What is their phone number?

Their only address shows as:

Which is a shared office building and is undoubtedly not a place where you will find anyone admitting any connection to this fake trading app.


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