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Bitcoin Bot s designed to get people to enter their details as soon as possible, with the registration form being the first information that you actually encounter. This is well before the site has explained what it is and what you are signing up for and these are standard boiler room scammer tactics

What is Bitcoin Bot?

As soon as you see the title, you need to be taking heed that this is a scam site. Why? Well because it uses the words that all of these scam sites use:



Which is the same old story - free money.

So Bitcoin Bot is a robot that supposedly trades Bitcoin and always wins because of some impossible algorithm that was developed by a software engineer who used to work for some big Wall St firm and has gone rogue....

It is the same old nonsense. He is giving everything away for free for a few people for some sort of closed beta testing that will only be available to a small group of people for a very short time. In other words - hurry! You're going to miss out on free money!

Another way to describe this phenomenon is, that it is a SCAM!!!

As you can see from the screen snippet above, it is designed to get people to enter their details as soon as possible, with the registration form being the first information that you actually encounter, well before the site has explained what it is and what you are signing up for. These are standard boiler room scammer tactics and here we shall quickly go through what that means and how they operate and why you have to be very careful.

So What is Bitcoin Bot Really?

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Well it is a set of statements intended to establish a proposition, the only problem it that it is a completely disingenuous proposition. It is a proposition that you enter without understanding the meaning of it, and without understanding whom you have entered in to it with. It is a proposition that is designed to take a person by surprise without them having time to realise what they have let themselves in for. In modern parlance, we describe it as a confidence trick or scam.

The first part of these websites is always the same, before any mention of what is on offer, an element of panic is introduced to make sure that you are not thinking with your normal wits and concentration. In this case it is the introduction of the idea that the offer is some sort of trial. Very often they have a Hurry, space is limited! Ending in 0:06 minutes type statement scrolling across the top, but in this case they use a video to explain that this chance is only for a beta test for twenty-five people, who you happen to have become one of, even thought you have never ever heard of these people before.

As you can see in the above image, they are throwing around all kinds of fake online bank statements to try and convince people that this ridiculous scam has made people money in real life. We can assure it has not because there is no Bitcoin Bot app and all of the screens in the video on the Bitcoin Bot site are fake.

What are They Trying to Get Me to Do?

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Well they are trying to get you, as always, to follow a three step plan. 

  1. Sign-up
  2. Fund your account
  3. Profit (in other words, realise that you have been scammed as the profit is for the scammers, not for you!)

They tend to use this sentence in all of their scams: 

is a group reserved exclusively to people who jumped on the insane returns that Bitcoin offers and have quietly amassed a fortune in doing so.

If you do a search for this phrase on Google within quotes:

You can see how many sites they repeat the same phrase on over and over, and there is a reason for this which we shall get to in a a moment.

How Does the Bitcoin Bot Scam Work?

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Excellent question. Well the truth is that the scam is run in the most part by a third party and not the scammers at all. In the most part, it is run by affiliate networks.

Affiliate networks are websites that offer a prize, usually a financial prize, for achieving something on behalf of their customers. In other words, if I have a product that I want to sell, I can put out a contract with an affiliate network that I will pay two dollars for each new customer they send to my website who successfully signs-up. After that, the affiliates will burn the candle at both ends trying to get lots of people to sign-up with my website and compete intensely for that money.

As a result the affiliates may start to make things up in order to improve their chances. They might add a description to their site saying Brand New 2024 site Updated! to make readers think that the sites that rank above them are out of date, and things like that.

The scammers offer something like seven hundred dollars for a successful sign-up of a victim, because they are thinking that they can take them for a ride and get five thousand dollars or more. This means that the affiliates are literally trying every trick in the book to try and get a single affiliate fee and will lie in any way possible to achieve their goals. You essentially wind up with the worst people in the world competing with an 'anything goes' attitude, just like evil dictators. They operate only by greed.

Who Invented the Bitcoin Bot?

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Here is another part if the scam that the scammers invariably use, the genius inventor from a 'large software company that they prefer not to disclose' so that you cannot perform a check-up on their past. In this case they are claiming that the genius behind the Bitcoin Bot app is none other than Christopher Parker:

Don't worry, we've not heard of him either, and there is a reason for this. Christopher Parker is a British Actor from a soap opera, he is not a technical genius and has no presence whatsoever on the net. The product that they are claiming to have operates just like all of the other fake auto-trading robot scams, it makes you free money! We can see in the video below that this is a robot that supposedly makes you over 25% in just a few seconds as they are claiming here:

There is no such thing as a robot that just generates free money as it would mean money would become virtually worthless. If a shopkeeper could make free money on a computer in the back, why would he want to sell you anything? There is no impetus for money to change hands as the more money you keep, the more money you make. Just imagine if this person had put $200k into the system above? You would make $59k in a few seconds - where would that money come from? They didn't even ask for his ID or card number in the video as you can see even though he is supposedly depositing another $250 USD as we watch.

How Much Money Can you Make with Bitcoin Bot?

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Well you can't make any money at all, of course, we are only asking this question to point out that there is no way you can make money with a non-existent robot being used to scam people. There is no robot, no software, no login and no profit. What is shown in the video is nothing other than lies and the objective of all of this is only to get your name, your phone number and your email address. From there on in they operate the oldest confidence trick in the world, repeating lies until people start to believe. What is commonly known today as gas-lighting.

Gas lighting is the denial of the truth over and over and over until the truth starts to sound suspicious and eventually wrong. That is the world of the confidence trickster. A world of lies and untruths that affect the people they interact with. That is why the best way to deal with a liar is to avoid them at all costs. That way they cannot fill your head with their lies.

What Trading options do you have with Bitcoin Bot?

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Well none actually. There is no robot, so there is no trading to speak of. All of the graphs and trader interfaces shown in the video:

are completely fake. They are not even showing a live forex broker, but one that stopped taking new traders back in 2021, Investous, out of Belize. This screen has nothing to do with Bitcoin Bot or any of their websites and is another sure sign that the whole thing is just a con. You cannot buy or sell anything if there is no interface and this interface is clearly a fake and so there is definitely no interface. This product is a lie and a scam.

Where is Bitcoin Bot Based?

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The truth is that these scams are like a secret society. They are everywhere. They communicate through affiliate networks which is where they find most of their links and SEO people and they use networks like and others to get work done by people who believe they are working for legitimate firms. We know because we got our joke Bitcoin Sucker video made on and they did an excellent job. Where the scam actually originates is anyone's guess but these scams seem to start in Britain or Russia and then are just exported all over the world to different partners who use the scam to steal from their own country and then send a percentage back to the origins of the scam.

The scams use various offshore, unregulated brokers registered in every tiny country all around the world and which are essentially just mail forwarding agencies that use their lax rules to front as homes for illegal businesses in London, Tel Aviv and Moscow. The real perpetrators are very difficult to trace as they get paid in cryptocurrency nowadays and could be anywhere.

Whatever you do, do not believe anyone promising you free, easy money.


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