Immediate Edge

A new UK version of the Immediate Edge scam that has not been shut down by Nominet or NameCheap, even though it is an obvious online fraud site. Immediate Edge is a scam and is not a robot capable of automatically trading crypto-currency at all.

Is Immediate Edge Available in the UK?

There is definitely a version of the Immediate Edge with a suffix now, but unfortunately it is just a boiler room scam and cannot really trade crypto-currency automatically.

There appears to be a website for the Immediate Edge system set-up within the UK and Nominet do not seem to have tried to shut it down. This is confusing to us as they were threatening to shut down our Microsoft Micro Coin website a few days ago even though it is obviously a warning against being scammed, and here is a proper scam page with a suffix and it is allowed to run without restriction.

We have reported it to Nominet who did say that they would tae action, but a week later it is still active. 

What is the Website?

We have made a safe copy of it here minus the registration links in the hope that Nominet might actually notice that it is definitely a scam now:

As you can see the website is essentially just text and a few photos of the other versions of the Immediate Edge website. The registration process is the same as always with a redirection that requires a phone number in order to progress, the website you are forwarded to is but we have redirected this one to our Immediate Edge page instead for safety.

Other domains you are forwarded to include:


As you can see they are desperate that people sign-up with pop-ups constantly appearing if you scroll away from their site:

The Nominet details show that the ownership is redacted for protection of some kind, but obviously not to the internet browsing public:

We can email NameCheap but they will explain that they do not control the content, and that we should email the hosting provider. Makes you wonder why they have an abuse email address really.

Immediate Edge is a boiler room scam and must be avoided if you wish to keep your savings account intact.

Who Runs

Well the big problem with answering this question is that the Arizona-based use a company called who substitute every detail of every customer for the address Withheld for Privacy ehf
Kalkofnsvegur 2, Reykjavik (354) 421-2434 so we cannot see who really owns a domain. This idea is basically a way of people operating websites with no moral or fiscal responsibility as they do not have to disclose their identity. 

We did send them an email asking for advice on what action to take?

What should we do when your customers are running sites like defrauding people in our country daily?
Should we just accept that you are part of a criminal organisation and that the law protects you by pretending you are not involved, just providing a service that is misused beyond your control?
Or should we just assume that you really believe these people are just taking of advantage of idiots who think they are saving people from the occasional spam email?
What should we do?

It does seem a  reasonable question though. What exactly do these companies think they are providing? Do they really believe they are protecting people from being spammed or contacted in some way? Would people really go to those lengths when they could use any email as the registration email and keep their own email clear? What exactly is the business they are in? Or are they actually just a part of the criminal network just like some of the affiliate networks operators? We do not expect any sort of useful response, but a little guilt felt here and there will do no harm.

Hopefully we can get some of these companies to re-examine their client base and actually think about where the money comes from.

We are glad to report in the meantime that the CloudFlare system has blocked the UK Immediate Edge website from forwarding any more traffic to it's overseas counterpart:


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