Bitcoin Balancer

Bitcoin Balancer is currently at:  

Bitcoin Balancer is currently at:

You can have a look at the website in the below:

As you can see here, the sign up process is incredibly simple, they even make up your account without asking you:

Obviously they take you through to the deposit screen way before you find out what you've been signed up as, so they really must take security seriously.

You see, they don't even have a payment gateway, they just take your card number so that they can defraud you by buying cryptocurrency and making a quick getaway leaving you with their untraceable, worthless fake brokerage which will disappear in a few weeks:

So obviously Bitcoin Balancer is not to be recommended. It appears to be a confidence trick to tie you in with false brokers registered overseas, who will then defraud you using your card details and turn out not to have any real company registration or phone number or anything! They do supply an email address, but that might go anywhere.

The site we were taken through to gives an address of 16 Dronning Eufemias gate
0191 Oslo, Norway but only UK and Canadian telephone numbers. Whether the [email protected] address will get you any results if you feel you have been defrauded, is another question. Most of the legal pages on that site deal with exonerating themselves from your risk and making sure that you realise that it was your own choice rather than actually explaining what you are trading and what the actual terms and risks are.

The phone number of 01252412790 is an Aldershot number but we have not idea where it may actually be routed through to.


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