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What is Micro Coin? Micro Coin does not exist. Microsoft have not released their own cryptocurrency

What is Micro Coin or MicroCoin?

Micro Coin does not exist; Microsoft have not released their own cryptocurrency and neither have Tesla. What Micro Coin actually is, is a marketing tool used for the CFD brokerage business.

Put simply, the idea is to get people signed up for complex trading products that can be used to defraud them, but in such a way as to be a grey area of legality.

The sort of marketing tools they use are these, an email arrives with a PDF attachment and the text on the email reads:

The perfect solution for the trader!
A new traderbot has been developed that allows you to earn from 800 euros per day with an initial deposit of only 100 euros.
Hurry up to test the new Autobot on the PRO tariff for a month!
Our unique offer lasts exactly one week!

The PDF looks like this:

Now immediately we need to be cautious because they are using a word that means that this is definitely a scam. That word is autobot.

What is an AutoBot?

Well once again, an autobot is another marketing tool. It is an idea that brings together ideas from Sci-Fi fantasy books about electronic superintelligence. What they are suggesting is that they have a robot that can predict the market with a certain level of efficiency and that can trade on your behalf.

Typically they will claim that they use quantum computing and artificial intelligence to achieve these systems even though they are very much in the early stages of development and nothing has been released as a software or website product yet.

What is more important to understand about artificial intelligence is that it is extremely unpredictable. AI is the last thing you would want in control of your bank account as it may suddenly perform a completely unintelligible transaction based on the most diverse property or condition. They do use AI in all sorts of scenarios but not in a situation where it would have to be able to understand so many variables and types of information in order to function. Interpreting news and market trends and deciding which factors will influence the markets  to be making the correct trades every time is somewhat beyond what any current AI can achieve.

What is the Micro Coin Website?

Well it is another marketing tool, but let's have a look at it all the same:

As you can see it is inferencing that a huge development has taken place in the cryptocurrency world, with Microsoft releasing their own cryptocurrency, but there is no article explaining such in any other publication. The article itself purports to be the UK Mirror newspaper, and so we can safely assume that this article is targeting the UK specifically.

We can see that they have been editing images to suggest that there has been an expo on the matter and that this cryptocurrency is already worldwide: