Akshay Philips Bitcoin Profit

There is a new set of the Akshay Philips on Good Morning articles being hosted on various servers. T

What Is This Mirror Newspaper Article?

There is a new set of the Akshay Philips on Good Morning articles being hosted on various servers.

The new website claims that the property agent magnate has actually been using a mobile phone app to make his money rather than his estate agent company. Here is a taste of the article:

So the story is that Akshay has not been making his money from the company he started after he got sick of estate agents taking admin fees from his mother every time they moved, but actually from an automated crypto-trading robot AI called Bitcoin Profit.

Does Akshay Philips Use Bitcoin Profit?

Well no, of course he doesn't. He may be one of the UKs youngest millionaires, but he definitely does not use Bitcoin Profit, and we can be sure of this for a number of reasons. Firstly, Bitcoin Profit is not an actual app, it is just a website, and in this case it is this one here:

As you can see from the text and video in the website above, this whole product is completely impossible. The idea that an app can make anyone rich without any work, knowledge, skill or luck renders money instantly and completely worthless. It is quite ridiculous in concept and execution. 

Does The Bitcoin Profit App Exist?

No, it doesn't. It cannot. It would turn every market upside down and destroy every currency on Earth. It is quite simply a complete nonsense. No one is using a magic crypto-trading AI robot that they are provided with for free, that is just idiotic. If anyone invented such a robot, they would certainly not tell anyone, and would have to use it with moderation as it would soon alert the authorities to the fact that something is badly wrong, who would confiscate it immediately and definitely ask some serious questions about how it was created.

There is no magic money-making app being handed out for free to help the world, or to get a small percentage. The very idea has been concocted to make sure that anyone believing the website has no idea about law, money or trading.

Why Do They Use Akshay Philips To Promote This?

Essentially because they can get the photos from a newspaper website that fit in with their narrative. Photos that show a young millionaire on National television that people can confirm as one of the UKs youngest millionaires.