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Now obviously everyone knows how Jeremy Clarkson makes his money, and it has nothing to do with fanc

Would you really take financial advice from Jeremy Clarkson?

It doesn't take very long for the next celebrity based fake newspaper article to show up. This one has done the rounds several times, and they are still using it now. Jeremy Clarkson has ostensibly been interviewed on the BBC news and has a new app for getting rich. Hmmm. 

You can have a look at the whole thing here:

Does Jeremy Clarkson Use Crypto Trading Robots?

As you can see at the top, it asks the question:


British citizens are already raking in millions of Pounds from home using this "wealth loophole" - but is it legitimate?

Which is an odd question, as it does not actually explain what 'legitimate' means. Are they asking whether the whole article is a scam? Well, yes it is actually.

Now this article is proposing that Jeremy Clarkson was interviewed by the Ten O'clock News on BBC, that is what they are reporting. It isn't very likely then, that Jeremy Clarkson was making it all up is it? This article just stated that this app has the government and banks terrified. What is it going to do, start a revolution?

Well of course the real issue here, is that the whole website is a pack of lies. They do not interview people on the Ten O'clock News and the BBC do not advertise apps without some sort of prior agreement and only if it is not-for-profit. They certainly do not interview motoring journalists about how they make their money. It is nonsense!

What Is This Website For?

So the question is, what is this website trying to achieve? If none of this happened and we can easily find out none of it happened by checking the news on iPlayer, what is the point?

Well the point is to get people who don't think to check facts for themselves to give out their phone number to the boiler room scammers and this is a very important point. We all need to encourage each other to think for ourselves and to ask important questions like, why is this person offering these services? What's in it for them? How could this be true and the stock market still operate? Why would the rich want to help someone who is not starving or in danger?

It is the culture of accepting whatever we are being told that we have to address. We need to tech the young how to research once more. Information is so easily available that no one knows what to believe and what not to anymore. Wikipedia has turned everyone into a gullible, defraudable victim. This is what we need to address. Is the internet even something that we should keep? Has the internet been over-populated? Should it be restricted to business use? Is a library a better solution to proliferate the internet? Could we make the internet a better place by making it more time consuming to access so that laziness is not a factor? Does it all have to be about money?

What Does This Website Claim About Jeremy Clarkson?

Well it claims that Huw Edwards invited him to disclose certain things:

BBC Ten O'clock News co-host Huw Edwards invited Jeremy on the show to share his key to success how he built his wealth and unexpectedly the British entrepreneur and philanthropist made a shock announcement:

"What makes me successful is the ability to spot new opportunities quickly-jump on them without any hesitation. And right now, my number one money-generator is a new cryptocurrency auto-trading program called Bitcoin Sucker. It's the biggest deal I've seen in my entire lifetime to build a small fortune fast. I encourage everyone to check this out before it will be removed from the public access."

Now obviously everyone knows how Jeremy Clarkson makes his money, and it has nothing to do with fanciful mobile phone apps that make money while you sleep. Jeremy makes money from appearing on television and writing articles and all of the other appearances he makes in connection with this. He is a motoring journalist that likes to deviate off of his home turf and put a few noses out of joint on the way. Good luck to him.

What he doesn't do is go on the Ten O'clock News and show everyone a magic, impossible app that makes money for no reason whatsoever and therefore makes all money on Earth useless. This is a very important point. if you can get money for nothing, then it is worth nothing. There is no other way to look at this. Whatever these people could be offering is, at best, worth nothing. Far more likely is the possibility that they are about to steal from you under false pretences.

Do Any Celebrities Use Cryptocurrency Auto-trading Software?

No, of course not. And we can tell you why. Because a reliable AI trading software does not exist. No one can predict what an AI is going to do and so no one could know that an AI will make 99.4% accurate predictions in the future. The whole concept is completely ridiculous and currently impossible. If anyone ever did make an AI that could reliably trade, they certainly wouldn't need to sell it would they? That is why these sites claim that people are doing it to improve the world rather than to make money, because there is no other motive to hand out access to such a machine. if you invented an AI that always made a profit, would you tell anyone? They would probably try and arrest you anyway for making all of that money, just because you had become a threat.

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