Brexit Millionaire

Brexit Millionaire is definitely the most dangerous site in the UK currently. The site itself is mad

Brexit Millionaire is definitely the most dangerous site in the UK currently. The site itself is made by the same web developers that have always made their idiotic Bitcoin Rush and Bitcoin Circuit sites. Every image has the same name and all of the structure is identical. They have simply changed the background image and the logos and copied the text from a book or a news article on what Brexit is and how depressing it will be for everyone and their futures.

The current concentration of advertising is a concern in itself. The authorities have no power over these ridiculous websites. There is no longer any way of telling where they are hosted as they are invariably protected by CloudFlare or some other proxy service. They have no obligation to disclose who they are in order to run a website which is without doubt one of the stupidest rulings in the history of the web. 

There is obviously nothing of any use to understand on this site as it is essentially all lies. The only possibly truthful part is at the very bottom where they explain part of what CFD trading is actually like: 

Around 70 percent of the investors will lose money. 

Just to be clear, this is not as an investor, but as s speculator. A CFD is a contract where you speculate (that is a financial word meaning taking a gamble) on the future price of the asset you are agreeing the CFD (Contracts for Differences) upon. In other words, just as with a bookie, if you guess wrong, the broker keeps your money.

Now having said that, we are supposing in the paragraph above that the CFD trading is even real. More often than not the whole thing is a scam. The CFD trading front is merely a trick. The idea of CFD trading and how difficult it is to win is simply how they convince you to accept that you gambled and lost. In reality you were scammed and you should report the matter to the Police.

Now let's just make this clear, this isn't just an advertising campaign for a brokerage, which is what they will claim. It is a huge criminal enterprise running scams all over the world. Watch this:

You can see how these web servers have lots of different scams running to defraud people of different nations, laws and languages. This web server supports the telephone code of every territory you can imagine and has Bitcoin Code in every language too.

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