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There is a new get rich quick scheme called Data Millionaire. What is Data Millionaire? What Does Da

There is a new get rich quick scheme called Data Millionaire. Let's see what we can find out about it:

What is Data Millionaire?

Data Millionaire is a website that appears to be made from the same code as many other websites we have looked at. It does not have a home page that can be browsed unless you arrive at the site with an affiliate link:

As you can see from the above, if we just try and get to without a link, we are just pushed away to a 404 error page, page not found. However, if we arrive from an affiliate that data millionaire are in partnership with, such as then we are immediately taken through to the site:

The premise of this site, is that you can make a fortune out of your own data that usually is taken by social media. The actual process is not disclosed but the website does state that there is an app that makes this money for you:

What Does Data Millionaire Do?

Supposedly it takes your data from FB and Instagram and somehow monetises it??? We have found no evidence that there is such an app and there is definitely nothing on any of the app stores with this name. We suspect that all this Data Millionaire amounts to is a website that forwards you details somewhere. When we try and sign-up for the app, the site just becomes non-responsive.

How Can I Use Data Millionaire?

As far as we can see, you can't. It just doesn't do anything no matter what you do. The site adds a tick next to your details and then just sits there until you give up.

Can I Make Money From Data Millionaire?

You can't. It doesn't seem to do anything or even exist as an app.

Is Data Millionaire Safe?

We don't think so. It probably sends your details to all sorts of people when it is working, but at the moment, all of the scammer signs are present. It does not rank at all on Google, except with a ton of fake reviews on Trustpilot which is definitely the sign of the scammers:

Is Data Millionaire Legit?

No, it's a scam!

Is Data Millionaire A Scam?

Yes, just look at the message that pops up when you click away from the site:

Now a cup of coffee takes five minutes which means that if you make £8972 every five minutes then you are making £107664 per hour which, assuming that it is working 24 hours, you are making £18,087,552 per week or £940,552,704 per year.

We can promise you that this app will not make you over £18m per week, and so this is a scam.

Who Owns Data Millionaire?

The same people who own Brexit Millionaire by the look of it as the same character appears in their videos and they seem to operate the same policy of spreading absolute bulls**t to get your money. Interestingly, at no point does this website bother with the usual $250 deposit message, so we presume that they just want your details so that they can start persuading you to give them your money.

What If I Have Already Invested in Data Millionaire?

Call the bank and reverse any transactions as soon as you can. Do not sign up with any scam recovery agents like or they will sting you for more money.

Can I Recover My Money From Data Millionaire?

Not directly from them, no, as you will be hard pushed to find them or what they have done with your money. Concentrate on the recovery from the bank and thank your lucky stars you go that.


Do not invest or send any money or details to these scammers!

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