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What is Bitcoin Rush?

Bitcoin Rush is a website advertising template. It is not a product or a business. The boiler room scammers refer to Bitcoin Rush as an advertising campaign although it does not mention any of the boiler room scammers themselves. The features of the product mentioned on Bitcoin Rush simply do not exit, but here are some examples of typical claims:

  • The Bitcoin Rush software can be set to autopilot whereby it requires no human input
  • TheBitcoin Rush software makes hardly any mistakes, being 99.4% correct in winning trades
  • TheBitcoin Rush software places trades for you, there is no need to buy or sell any stock or cryptocurrency yourself
  • You will not have to do anything other than occasionally monitor your position by laptop or mobile device
  • The Bitcoin Rush software is on trial and is not going to be free for long
  • Time is limited so you must accept the deal quickly or you will miss out
  • The Bitcoin Rush system uses special algorithms that predict the market ahead of time
  • The Bitcoin Rush system uses artificial intelligence (AI) to predict the market
  • The Bitcoin Rush software runs on a quantum computer

In other words, they will tel you anything to get you to give up your details to the boiler room scammers.

What Does Bitcoin Rush Do?

The simple answer to this question is: nothing. Bitcoin Rush does not actually exit, it is an advertising tools, a concept. It is the good feeling they sell and there is not real code, no real algorithm and no real quantum computer. The boiler room scammers refer to Bitcoin Rush as a campaign of advertising but it obviously does not comply with any advertising standards within the EU or US. It is nothing more than a web of lies to deceive people out of their money and it is proving very effective at this.

How Does Bitcoin Rush Work?

It provokes a state of mind, it casts a spell. Just like any con it takes you for a ride. While you are in s state of euphoria at the idea of suddenly being wealthy it takes your deposit and does a runner. It really is that simple. 

When you arrive at the Bitcoin Rush website you are told all sorts of amazing ideas that sound great:

Generate Passive Income and Become Financially Free | Highly-Rated Automated Trading Software for the Crypto Market

So the idea is that Bitcoin Rush gets you a passive income somehow, so it is not a tool, it is a process that makes you money just from signing up for it. This is the lie they tell, that somehow this system does the work for you even though it is just a website that no one has ever heard of, such as Forbes, The Economist, The Financial Times or It is claiming that it can make money for free by itself, not as an alternative job, but as an alternative to work!

Well this is obviously not true, there is only one way to make money without working and that is to have enough to earn from stocks or interests. You cannot trade or spread bet without working. Trading is a full time job, and a very stressful one at that.

So how does Bitcoin Rush work? Simple it tells you lies until you fill in their contact form so that they can start calling you and start persuading you to invest in their offshore, unregulated broker/scammer nonsense. Once they have your money they will set you up with a fake trading screen that will appear to have your  deposit displaying. This fake site is to keep you busy while they transfer your money away from you to be distributed amongst the scammers. The trading website shows various trades and when you try and withdraw you are asked for all sorts of details such as pictures of your passport and drivers license as well as proof of address and confirmation of your nationality. Even if you provide all of the above you will not get your money because it is long gone...

How Much Does Bitcoin Rush Cost?

How much does it cost the people who are successfully scammed?

Well in truth it depends how much they get out of you. It can cost anywhere from $250-300 USD but some people have lost hundreds of thousands to these scammers. The easiest way to describe what these boiler room scams costs is to say that no one ever manages to successfully withdraw. The whole process of deposit vs. withdrawal is designed entirely to delay you from withdrawing until the boiler room scammers have already made their mistake. More than that, the withdrawal process is designed to stop you realising that you cannot withdraw in time to start asking question. The deposit process takes a few seconds and mounts to giving your credit card details. The withdrawal process requires every type of ID and verification and is impossible to satisfy fully.

As far as how much Bitcoin Rush costs society, it is into the millions annually.

Is Bitcoin Rush Risky?

If you are a potential investor, then it is beyond risky, it is a scam. You will lose everything that you deposit,  guaranteed. That is the only guarantee that we can make regarding the Bitcoin Rush software. We can assure you that you are unlikely to find the culprits, but we cannot guarantee it. We have seen that some of the affiliates are traceable and we are hoping that a prosecution can soon be made, but there are no guarantees with this. We are also hoping that this prosecution will involve unveiling the offshore broker scammers and finding out who is profiting from all of this.

Is Bitcoin Rush a Scam?

Yes it is a scam. No matter what anyone calls it, no matter what anyone claims, Bitcoin Rush is a scam! The affiliates of the boiler room scammers disseminate the Bitcoin Rush websites to the public and use the idea of these impossibly profitable sites to ensnare hopeful people into handing over their details. Once these details are passed on to the boiler room scammers then the affiliates receive a pay-out based upon a fraction of how much the boiler room scammers believe that they can defraud that person for. This makes pinning the blame on anyone difficult as the people that run the website are not the same people that supposedly take the money. In reality, of course, there is no broker, only scammers, and they use the idea of CFD trading to weasel out of responsibility.

What Happens if I Sign Up with Bitcoin Rush?

Well your details are forwarded to an offshore boiler rooms scammer broker who has an account made up for you automatically using the details you added to the Bitcoin Rush site. This process is clear proof that the Bitcoin Rush affiliates know full well who their partners are. Once they have your details, the offshore registered scammers will incessantly badger you into depositing all of your money with their fake broker site. Once they have your money they will make excuse after excuse as to why you cannot withdraw even though your balance appears to be increasing. Once they have satisfied themselves that you have no more money, the balance on their fake trader site will suddenly dwindle as they try to convince you that their algorithm was unluck a few times in a row. This is an attempt to try and convince you that you lost your money to trading, rather than fraud.

Where Are Bitcoin Rush Based?

They have no address that we know of, the affiliates are based all over the world including UK,HK, Australia, Italy and Cyprus. The brokers tend to be in the finance loophole countries like Ukraine, Belize and Cyprus. 

Who are the Bitcoin Rush Affiliates?

Companies that pretend to give advice on Bitcoin like Finixio Ltd and are often the real affiliates even though they make a big play of being advice sites. This is a common strategy, to cover your sites in reviews to cover up all of your affiliates links. It also allows them to gain rankings with Google and the other search engines which allow them to defraud as many people as possible and take a cut of the fraud rewards.

I Deposited Money into Bitcoin Rush, What Should I Do?

Well if you have a number with which to call the agents regarding your account, the best thing to do may well be to call the police and give them as much detail as possible so that you can make the agents understand that you are onto them. They may well be afraid enough to give someone up. The simple truth though is that they take a great many precautions to be sure that they will not be easily discovered. The phone numbers are rerouted, the websites are behind proxies and the companies are registered offshore and are surrounded by disclaimers to the point that the crime is almost impossible to establish as separate from trading losses. This is all by design of course. We would ask that you contact us and give us as much detail as possible so that we can help to alert others to the scam. That is the only real way to feel better after being scammed by these people.

Where Did the Money I Deposited Into Bitcoin Rush Go?

Maybe to the UK or maybe to somewhere else in Europe or Asia. It really is difficult to say. It probably travelled there by cryptocurrency and it was probably sold tax free to go straight to someone's bank account. It is not going to be easily traceable using normal means as the wallets they will have used will be a one time arrangement and will not have any other history to give any clues. 

Can I Get Back Money from Bitcoin Rush?

No you cannot get your money back from them without employing the NSA to break some fingers, or someone similar, but you may be able to get a chargeback performed by your bank if you can get all of the data put together sufficiently. Your bank will require quite a lot of information to prove that you have been scammed but once their officers have been satisfied they should be able to reverse the transaction through you card. This will not actually affect the scammers in anyway who still have the cryptocurrency and will sell it tax-free, but it will get you your money back. No company can find the scammers, no matter what they claim. No company can get your money back. Recovery companies are just more scammers after a second bite of the the desperate, and charge thousands for helping you fill in a few forms. Avoid the recovery companies. 

Why Isn't Bitcoin Rush Illegal?

Well it sort of is. It is just one of those scams that crosses a lot of borders and that every development in technology and law seems to help along. Since GDPR, Cryptocurrency, Internet, Proxies and all of the other nonsense that we are forced into today, the world has just gotten easier and easier to rip off. The online trading community has made it easy to convince people that they can make a lot of money online. Television reports mention Bitcoin millionaires and Musk and Co. keep people interested in wealth even if they have none. We would love to see these scammers behind bars so please do contact us with any information you encounter. Ltd

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