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Watch out for the latest boiler room scam, this time using Peter Jones from Dragon's Den as the This Morning guest.


Yes it is convincing at first glance, and Holly does look very nice, but this whole interview is being misrepresented by the website shown below. The iframe below shows a copy of the website that was downloaded as a warning to others. All of the harmful links have been removed and replaced with links to our joke website Bitcoin Sucker. Peter Jones, in the picture to the left is talking about the usual This Morning stuff and not any magic, money making, autopilot boiler room nonsense.

It's the same old story. Peter Jones goes onto national TV and explains that he isn't rich from all the money from his businesses or from all the TV money or all of the things he opens at the weekends and getting to go everywhere for free, but in actuality from a retarded little app on his mobile phone that he has now decided to tell everyone about so everyone will be rich even though this will make his own fortune worthless. 

You see, the thing about wealth is, it is like Gold. If everyone has it, it is worth nothing. In fact, you would probably pay someone to take it away, as has become the fashion.

Anyone online telling you that they want to make you rich is either:

  • Lying
  • Insane
  • Pretending to be someone else
  • Planning to steal from you

That is the simple truth.

NEVER believe anyone that tells you they have a system that makes you rich without effort, it would render money worthless.

NEVER believe anyone that tells you they have an auto-trader or trading app that runs on autopliot as if such a thing existed they could use it to take control of the US stock market and then the Federal Reserve and so they would be unlikely to be touting it on a website as the CIA would come be calling over rather promptly.

NEVER trust anyone that tells you that you can make a fortune from crypto currency, you have missed the boat.

NEVER trust any site that asks for a £250 or $250 investment or deposit.

NEVER do business with any broker situated in St Vincents and the Grenadines, Belize or Cyprus.

NEVER invest in anything called Bitcoin XXXX where XXXX is any word in the English Language.

NEVER invest in anything called Immediate XXXX where the XXXX is the same as above.

Peter Jones would lose his job if he were to recommend such an app and that would lose him everything. He does not need any more ways to make money and he is quite capable of making his own stocks and shares decisions, without the help of a website that does it for him.

The boiler room scam has been around for ages and never changes. The confidence tricksters still tell you that they can make you rich. They are no different to the dodgy people standing in the street at a tourist destination, they just do it online for greater exposure.


Do not give these people your phone number or email address.

Just have a look at what happens if you sign-up:

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