Brexit Millionaire

Brexit Millionaire on Google Ads September 2021  

Brexit Millionaire on Google Ads September 2021

Well here they are, the latest batch of ads saving the UK from Brexit, COVID and the financial crisis that the pyramid scheme that passes as a financial system for this planet is about to deliver.
As you can see each option is for the same product, and each provider promises free, safe, easy money from the comfort of your own home by doing absolutely nothing. It certainly crept up on us, that the whole world has become so stupid that any of this could ever become possible, never mind mandatory global law.

Even every part of the results page for Brexit Millionaire is plagued by lies. "Official Registration Only On This Page" which presumably claims that all the other pages are not the official one. If any of it was true of course, they would get the other sites shut down.

Welcome everyone, to the world of the affiliate scammers.

The Brexit Millionaire scam is a boiler room scam. A funnel to send phone numbers of people with no idea about trading to boiler room scammers who then defraud them out of their savings.

Boiler rooms are offshore entities that operate from a call centre somewhere in your own country. They have a room full of aggressive people who try and force people to invest into fake brokers who then steal the money and then pretend that the victim is actually trading whilst they squirrel the money away in some untraceable crypto currency vault. Once the victim realise that they are unable to withdraw, the whole crew disappear and then start up a new scam with the same website under s different name and pay all these affiliates to send people there instead.

It really is amazing.

It is now operating on such a scale that they must be seeking regulation to be brought in by a global governance that will become a single world government and a new world order, we really cannot see what else it could possibly be. They are using the scammer greed (something they understand only too well) to press their own agenda.

We have been reporting these scammers to Google for years and it has become obvious that they wish for these scams to continue. Now Google do not need the money but do need their reputation, so there must be another reason they are ignoring all calls to take action, and a single cascading US/Israeli based internet governance is all that we have left to assume.

As you can see, a simple keyword detection on Google Ads would put a stop to all of these people instantly, but Google do not want to hear about it. They have obviously no real interest in freedom of information, they are just answering to their shareholders and preparing to hand them over the minds of every internet user on planet Earth.

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Have a look at the links and their destinations in real time:

Every Google Ad has a different domain that repoints you back to the same scam. It really is amazing they would be running four different campaigns concurrently.


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