Daily Profit Method

The Daily Profit Method Scam This is linked to from various fake sites depicting nonsense interviews

The Daily Profit Method Scam

This site is linked to from various fake sites depicting nonsense interviews of various world famous celebrities.


The website repeatedly informs us that we shall become a stakeholder in Google, Apple, Tesla and Apple but this is not the whole truth. If you wind up buying CFDs or margin trading products in any of these companies you may possibly receive a dividend from a longer contract but you will not be a stakeholder in the same way as if you simply purchased APPL or similar from a US registered broker, whereupon you will receive a dividend every year.

All of the market data included in the site, whether correct or not, is entirely irrelevant for the type of MT4 trading that this company is offering (illegally to people in Canada) as the short-term CFDs will not return any dividends, and probably lose you all of your money.

The tell-tale 'After a payment, our manager will call to you and give you a high income algorithm' message is present, indicating that the boiler-room bullies are just waiting to get hold of your phone number so that they can terrorise you into depositing all of your money so that they can pretend you are trading it whilst they steal it.

They have no understanding of trading or brokerages and no desire to see you successfully trade.




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