Martin Lewis British Bitcoin Profit

Martin Lewis British Bitcoin Profit Watch out for Martin Lewis and his new British Bitcoin Profit sc

Martin Lewis British Bitcoin Profit

Watch out for Martin Lewis and his new British Bitcoin Profit scam.

They definitely appear to be keen to get our money, not that anyone has any anymore.

Let's see what they are using Martin Lewis for this time.

Well as you can see they are using the idea of Mr. Lewis and his financial advice along with the BBC to vindicate a new venture by association. They are obviously keen that the British see the venture as a legitimate BBC affirmed trading technique rather than a dodgy manifestation of personal scammer greed.

As you can see they are performing the same trick here with the Telegraph newspaper using the same pictures etc.

The scammers themselves could well be a British affiliate of any one of the Bitcoin/Crypto related scams going around at the moment. Let's see where this one takes us.

Clicking one of the links on the site takes us through to:

As we can see from the text, it is exactly the same website as Bitcoin Evolution, Bitcoin Prime, Bitcoin Rush, Bitcoin Revolution, Bitcoin Code and Bitcoin Trader with excerpts like: "is a group reserved exclusively to people who jumped on the insane returns that Bitcoin offers and have quietly amassed a fortune in doing so"

The links to the British Bitcoin Profit site are where the id of seems strange too. Why would they need to specify that the fake news site in on mighty networks? Surely the host is not involved? Why don't they just identify themselves as

Another example is where might networks are specified again to a completely different domain but with the same affiliate IDs. This could mean that the two domains are redundancy against shutdown of domains and/or hosts and that the recipient of the affiliate ID is the same in each case. It could also mean that this affiliate network is far bigger than we wish to contemplate.


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