Update require

Watch out for this phishing email today:  From:        

Watch out for this phishing email today: 

From:                                                       domain.suffix < smtpfox-n6rfg@349.myprism.biz >

Sent:                                                         15 July 2021 00:42

To:                                                            email@domain.suffix

Subject:                                                   Update require


The link actually takes you to: https://firebasestorage.googleapis.com/v0/b/gra2406cloudpop92.appspot.com/o/gra2406cloudpop92%2Fdex2gre1107famegen-040447d066cb774f1.html?alt=media&amp;token=3697cbd5-1c5e-48f1-a450-54b80eb4d606#email@domain.suffix

The Firebase app appears to have been shut down so no danger anymore.

 Do report the email address as dangerous though as it is bound to be used again.

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