Crypto Engine Review

Google Ads for the Bitcoin Rush term are pointing here:

Which appears to be an age validation on a hacked WordPress site that (if you confirm you are 18 or over) redirects you here:

Which is our old friend Akshay Philips being hosted on a website here:

Which then finally gets you to the good stuff. here:

Whereupon we see our old friend, the gringo himself:


Now we can see that this website is accompanied by some small print at the bottom, let's have a look through what they are stating the terms and conditions are. The purple is the website T&Cs and the footnotes are our explanation of what that actually means.

Earnings and income representations made by CryptoEngine, (collectively “This Website”) are only used as aspirational examples of your earnings potential.

OK so what this means is that none of the numbers on this website are representative of any profit any one has ever made. This page is an advert and not subject to any bearing in reality.

The success of those in the testimonials and other examples are exceptional results and therefore are not intended as a guarantee that you or others will achieve the same results.

In other words, they are not testimonials, just stock photos with made up amounts of money and text to persuade you to sign up to a service that may never have made any money for anyone.

Individual results will vary and are entirely dependent on your use of CryptoEngine. This Website is not responsible for your actions. You bear sole responsibility for your actions and decisions when using products and services and therefore you should always exercise caution and due diligence. You agree that this Website is not liable to you in any way for the results of using our products and services. See our Terms & Conditions for our full disclaimer of liability and other restrictions.

There are no guarantees about trading, regardless of all the lies on this website, or any of the other sites these people have created pretending that auto-trading is even possible, never mind profitable.

This Website may receive compensation for products and services they recommend to you. If you do not want This Website to be compensated for a recommendation, then we advise that you search online for a similar product through a non-affiliate link. 

We will sell your details to the highest bidder, then the next highest bidder and so on until everyone has your details and continually tries to defraud you. We have no idea what will happen to your data once we pass it on. We take a fee for selling your details and forwarding you to another website. That is all crypto engine is.

So do not give these people your details.

VERDICT: Crypto Engine is a: SCAM !!

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