More Firebase App Google Linked Phishing Scams

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More Firebase App Google Linked Phishing Scams


This is another Google Link pointing to a Phishing scam on Firebase:[email protected]






From:                                         Domain Security Team <[email protected]>

Sent:                                           Tuesday, October 20, 2020 2:06 AM

To:                                               Recipient

Subject:                                     Your mailbox quota update



Hello info,

Here's your email review for the past week. Some incoming messages with attachments are currently hanging on your server due to low storage capacity. 

Kindy review these messages and increase your storage capacity.
click below to review these messages.



Review generated for [email protected] Security Team. 

Why did I receive this email?
Your email filtering service is provided by Webmail Networking, Inc. USA . These message review allows you to view and read your filtered emails.

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The same old login screen that simply redirects you to your www.emaildomain.suffix website after typing two passwords. Obviously we send messages to these people to keep them motivated via the password field.

Report the website as fraudulent.

Complain to Google.


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  • What sort of messages motivate these people best in your opinion? Smile

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