fraudulent site fraudulent site    These kind of sites really annoy me. Not jus fraudulent site 


These kind of sites really annoy me.

Not just because they are fraudulent and wasteful, but because the people operating them could do something useful or constructive as they obviously have an intelligence worthy of some respect.

The link in the email we received was actually:

Which takes you through to a website proclaiming it is an investment information site, even though every link is just pointing to a hook-up site for over 40s.

So the whole page is just for credits based upon forwarding traffic to the hook-up site??

Not completely, the website mentions the QProfitSystem; the QProfitSystem is mentioned as the way to be making money as a trader repeatedly on this site and does have a valid website at, which is interesting - never trust a person that is selling you a money making 'system' - there is no such thing. Markets change repeatedly and any system you devise would have to either be outside of the law or would soon be recognised and you would find yourself losing money to other people playing your system, which is exactly what the people behind these websites intend to do.

Elon Musk is mentioned but he has no connection to these people so do not rely on that as a sign of good intention.

Anyway this is just a warning today, the best course of action is to report as a fraudulent site to get it blacklisted by Google as soon as possible.




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