Internal Revenue Service - Spam Warning !

Internal Revenue Service - Spam Warning ! Watch out for more free money! This email has been receive

Internal Revenue Service - Spam Warning !

Watch out for more free money!

This email has been received this week:



From:                                                       Internal Revenue Service <[email protected]>

Sent:                                                         Tuesday, July 31, 2018 6:16 PM

To:                                                            Recipient

Subject:                                                   Internal Revenue Service Banner

Internal Revenue Service

IRS services     Account Balance communication TP95


Final reminder: Notice of Intent to seize (levy) your current income tax refund.


promptly: $449.20

Our files indicate that you have unpaid sum for the tax year closing December 31,2017 (Application form ). If you don't call us straight away, we may levy (seize) your house or legal rights to own property which includes any kind of tax refund and also apply it for the amount of money you must pay back.

Download your payment Invoice 

You're witnessing this particular notification due to the fact you're subscribed to our alerts via Internal revenue service.

 If you no more want to get warnings, please log in to your Internal revenue service account  to temporarily disable or completely delete these types of signals.

The following alert is sent to you automatically from the IRS services. Make sure you do not Write back.

Take care of your account, change your security password or e-mail, or discontinue messages at any time on your Personal preferences Web page.

If you have inquiries or problems with the service, be sure to contact

This service is delivered to you free of charge by the Internal Revenue Service. The following communication is provided through: IRS 1364 Constitution St. N Washington DC 21263.

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As this email has been received from a car (auto if you're German/American) repair (body shop) in Indianapolis, we can safely say that it is a spam email.
The link 'Download yoru Payment Invoice' points to:
Which has already been taken down - well done for spotting that whoever the owner is...
Anyway report this email as spam and stay vigilant!

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