Bitcoin Fortress Review

What is Bitcoin Fortress?

Well according to the Google Play page, it is an app that you download for free and that with a small investment, it makes you $1500 per day, which is obviously nonsense and sounds like a scam as it is too good to be true. An app that claims to prevent the human race from ever having to work again would definitely be getting a lot of exposure or, more likely, would be instantly banned and its very existence denied until the end of time.

So if it is not a magic app that solves all of your money problems, then what is it?

There is a page advertising the product here:

Well as you can see, it is exactly the same website (at leat in this incarnation, as they change all the time) as Bitcoin Profit:

And so we can quickly realise that something here is deeply wrong. This is a not a single site, but a large operation across many domain names in different languages all across the web. This is a very dangerous group of fraudsters by the look of it.

This page appears to harvest contact details for scammer brokers to call and defraud people and we advise people to avoid these websites promising quick riches as they are all complete nonsense.